Sunday, September 21, 2008

HELP! Please vote and tell me Which 2 are your favorite!

HELP! I'm going to be featured in an ezine in October! I need two photos of me! Will you please vote and tell me which two are your favorites? I wasn't expecting to have so many to choose from when I asked my son to take these. And yes, he's only 11! He did amazing didn't he? I want to make sure I look professional! LOL! They're in order from one to ten and the poll is on the right! Thanks! You guys are awesome! -Jenni


  1. Any of the pics would do great. Good little future photographer ya got there.

  2. I LOVE all the pictures! You are so photogenic!

  3. I think Mom3, Mom8 and Mom18 are the best!

  4. Well my votes weren't as popular as apparently the majority so far, but all the rest of em are nuts! 8 & 9 are by FAR the best! LOL

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  5. Photo 2,Photo7 & 8 are the bestww. It's a difficult choice, they all are good.