Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet Gregory Wentworth.. AKA: Captain Wentworth from Jane Austen's Persuasion!!!

OK so I know I'm a nerd. I totally know it, so it's all good. You don't need to inform me of the fact if you felt the need arising. Let me just say, for the record, I'm sooo excited I've got my leading men cast! You have no idea!

And for those of you girls out there wondering why I don't cast the girls, it's for the plain and simple fact, that I want you to picture yourself there. I want you to fall in love with these guys and get all dreamy not watch some movie star fall for them.

EEEEH! So without further ado.. my latest dream cast of my Jane Austen remake titled: PERSUADED...

May I please present to you real life actor William Moseley for your viewing pleasure and latest Eye candy effect, for the role as Gregory Wentworth. (The, strong, silent, valiant hero) He's most recently seen the Narnia movies. And I think makes the PERFECT Captain Wentworth for my rewrite.
So what do you think? Think he'll pass? Eeeh! I wonder how good he is at American accents? Hmm....
So here's the blurb! And you're welcome to click on the right and read some sample chapters
What if the one guy you loved--more than anyone--happened to be the same guy you flung aside and broke his heart, four years ago? And what if he happened to waltz back into your life again and be hotter than ever and worth milllions? And what if every gorgeous girl who saw him fell madly in love with him? Would he take you back--or would he fling you aside like you deserved?
Enjoy! Jenni


  1. You know how I feel about Persuasion, Next to P&P it's my absolute favorite!! So yes please, send it my way. I'm totally out of books to read around here, and I would absolutely love to read Persuaded! Yeah!! Woo Woo!

  2. Ohhhh, I am going to read me some sample chapter. He is so pretty...I know they don't like when you say they are "pretty" but he just is. I think I have a cavity from all the sweetness. Great choice Jenni!

  3. You have such a great style! and yes--he would do!

  4. Nice choice! He's a yummy Wentworth. I can't wait to see what you've done with the story. I may even like Persuasion better than P&P. It's neck and neck, just to let you know how much I love it.

  5. Candi--EEEH! I just sent it to you! I hope you enjoy! It's my verimost favorite of ALL my Austen rewrites so far.. but then, of course, I'm a sucker for Gregory Wentworth.

    Ang--I LOVE YOU ANG! You're awesome! And yes, he is pretty! Sigh! I love him too (Of course, he's the most like my hubby out of all the Jane Austen heroes!)

    Terri--Why thank you, very much! LOL! I do actually spend a lot of research on my cast, just as if I was going to really cast them. And I make sure they look just like the guy and can act like him, and that they're still good role models off screen for teens. I'm crazy right? LOL!

  6. Jenn--Thanks! LOL! BUt I see you're saving your true love for Taylor from Pride & Popularity! LOL!

    Lotus--ooh! I love this book a lot more than Pride & Popularity. I think it's my best book i've ever written. I'll be excited to see your reaction!

  7. Jenni, this is an official scolding from your dream BFF here. Would you stop posting hot guys on your blog/website!!! You are killing me. Here I am just trying to get some work done. Trying my hardest to think about my poor little fairy who is in trouble. And I constantly feel the need to pop over to your blog and check out the eye candy. Now how is that helpful to me? Huh? I thought you cared about me. I thought you wanted me to finish this book. Seriously. (Can you do Eric Dill next? I LOVE YOU TONY)

  8. It's a good thing you're already married and mommy-fied times six! :)

  9. KASIE!!! LOL! You crack me up! hahah! And too bad! I MUST introduce the guys in order! Sheez! LOL! It's more fun that way anyway! LOL! Tony can wait!

    Angie--Hahah! Yeah, that and I think I could be most of these kids' moms! LOL! Nothing like putting it in that perspective right?! LOL!

  10. how do you read the sample chapters? when is the book coming out!?