Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Introducing Chase Anderson (AKA: Mr. Knightly)

So in all the excitement of school, i totally forgot I had been introducing you all to my leading men!

So here we are. Book number three in my YA Jane Austen rewrites series: Emmalee. The Mr. Knightly character Chase Anderson, in my dream cast, is played by none other than the totally sweet and simply irresistible real life actor: Matt Long.

He was most recently seen in the hilarious movie Sydney White with Amanda Bynes. He played the prince in this modern retelling of Snow White.

As always, if you're a Jane Austen fan or if you've ever seen the different Emma remake movies (like Emma LOL! or Clueless) and you loved them, then you're more than welcome to click over on the right where it says Emmalee and read a couple of sample chapters! Hehehe! I have to say, out of all my books--my proof readers fall for Chase the hardest!


  1. He's so cute - and so young! ...oh no! If I"m saying that, that means I'm getting ...gulp...old! (laughing!)

  2. Look at those gorgeous green eyes. I can't wait to read his character. Everytime you introduce a new leading man. I think to myself, "Oh he's my favorite!" And then I realize what a dork I am because I said that about the last one and the one before that. LOL!

  3. I've been wondering if you've got snow at your house? We've been seeing lots of snow in London on the news, but I have no idea where you are in relation?

  4. Kathryn--LOL! No worries, DAW-LING.. he's called eye-candy! LOL! And it's been super fun to find these guys for my teen readers... but man, I know what you mean! I feel so old after searching through so many images of teen heart throbs. Sheesh

    Candi--LOL! You will love him. Everyone LOVES Chase. LOL! I will too as soon as I reread him again! LOL!

    Erica--Yep! We got snow on Sunday and Monday and they say we'll get more tomorrow. But it's been so bright and sunny that most of it's been melted off. not like down in london. Type in Peterborough, UK on google earth and you'll see the area I live.