Saturday, March 14, 2009

Celebration ANTIQUE BOOK giveaway!

Hi! Yes, before we go any further... this is me. First thing in the morning. Yes, I have no makeup on. Yes, that is my kids craft table behind me (in my conservatory). Yes, that is the sun glowing like a halo all around my head and book! LOL! No comments on sans makeup and baggy eyes, okay? Thanks. Moving on.
See that book I'm holding? See it? See it? Well, I have a gazillion of these! Hehehe! I LOVE antique books! Love them. And England just gives them away! I know, gasp! Right?

So I've been thinking and thinking what I can use as a giveaway to celebrate my upcoming year mark as an author! Wahoo! And after wracking and wracking my brain--to Kasie--i finally realized, writers/readers LOVE books. We LOVE them. And all of you guys write blogs... and read blogs Ahem... writers/readers... so you must LOVE books too, right? And hello? Who doesn't LOVE antique books? I mean really? Who doesn't? Which is why I present you with:
My one year celebration ANTIQUE BOOK giveaway.
WESTWAYS by, S. Weir Mitchell
Printed by New York the Century Co. in 1913.
This book is almost 100 years old!
Cool, huh?
And it also has an inscription.
If you can't make out this picture below, it is says:
Mrs. Ella M. Allen
July 1914
So what do you think? Are you up for celebrating with me? You are? Great! Because on Monday the 16th I'm going to announce the winner and request your addy, so I can mail Westways to you. This book is so gorgeous! Green and Gold. Beautiful!
So how to enter. Okay, read carefully.
All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me which Jane Austen book is your favorite. That's it. If you're anonymous then please leave me an email addy I can reach you at.
Oh and if you advertise this giveaway on your blog, then come back and tell me and that comment will become a second entry.
How easy is that? And guess what! You've just helped me celebrate my one year mark: March 15th, when I first began to type up Pride & Popularity!
UPDATED: Please don't forget to tell me when you advertise it on your blog, so I can enter you twice. This giveaway is open until Monday when one of my kids will draw a name.
Here is the list of Jane Austen books:
Sense & Sensibility
I am rewriting and modernizing all 6 of these for teens... if you click on the first five they'll take you to my website pages which will give you a short blurb about each book, that may jog your memory. ( I haven't started S&S yet) And yes, for all of you less fortunate, who have never read the original... a movie counts.


  1. Wonderful, Jenni. So it's been a year for you? I have to read some of the archives of this blog. Let's start celebrating!
    My favorite Jane Austin book is Emma.
    (and obviously, I'm sure everybody will say it, you look simply gorgeous even without make-up)

  2. A year?!!! Crazy!!! I want that book. I love old books. Since they give them away out there, wait is it just British authors that are cheap? I am looking for an inexpensive, old copy of Gone With the Wind.... Let me know.

    Okay my favorite is Sense and Sensability.... I love Mr. Ferris. Oh wait my favorite is Pride and Prejudice.... I love Elizabeth Bennet

    You want me to choose one?....
    Your mean.

  3. Love the idea! It's a giveaway I could definitely get behind... except that I haven't read any Austin books. Don't beat me! ;) I know, I know. Classics, right? I own Emma, and have started it twice, but can't get caught up in it. *sigh*

  4. Lori--Alright I have you down! LOL! YAY! I'm celebrating! Love Emma too! And lol.. thanks on the no makeup... flattery gets you everywhere!

    Tiffany--I know... it's been a very crazy year! LOL! I'm not sure many brits are giving up their gone with the wind copies... but I'll check for you. Have you tried ebay? LOVE Ebay?

    Janna--OK, ok... You can still be part of the drawing sheez. Have you watched any of the movies?

  5. Impossible to choose a favourite when you love 'em all, like I do...Would take me at least another year to decide!

  6. Ok, so you already know that my favorite is Persuasion. It was the first one I ever read, so it has a special place in my heart!

  7. Hey Jenni. My favorite Jane Austin book is Pride and Prejudice. Bought it as a required read for AP English in High School back in 1988 and still have the book plus a new copy for my daughter's read. And I'm headed over to announce your contest on my site.

  8. Okay, that book was meant to be mine. I mean, hello? It's called Westways! Seriously, let's just not fight it. Okay so, my favorite Jane Austen is...uh....I have to pick? Okay, probably Pride and Prejudice. But a close second is Sense and Sensibility.

    Now, my favorite Jenni James book is Northanger Affect. But a close second is Pride and Popularity. Do I get extra entries for kissing up?

  9. One year!!! Let's celebrate!! I'm tossing confetti on your blog right now.

    Okay, so it's really, really hard for me to pick a favorite. I love them all! I've read them all several times! I've even held the book in my hand and flipped through it while watching the movies. I have to say though, some of the movies have won my heart even more than the books. Is that a horrible thing for a writer to say? It's just that Persuasion, for example, ends so dryly, and I loved the story (maybe my favorite), but I wanted so much more from the ending. The most recent movie on the other hand ends in the best possible way with him giving her her childhood home as a wedding present (so does not happen in the book).

    And then there's Pride and Prejudice. Love the book, but if only it had that scene from the Kiera Knightly movie where they're in the rain and he tells her he loves her. So again, I want a combination of the book and the movie.

    I could go on and on about this, but I'll just say, Persuasion (the movie/book combo version).

  10. How fun! Congratulations! I love Emma. This is cool!

  11. As always, my favorite is Pride and Prejudice.. and congrats on the YEAR.. woo hoo..

    Thanks much.. for the offer form the author..
    marieburton2004 at yahoo

  12. okay I advertised this on my blog so I get two!!!! right?

  13. Whenever I open P&P Colin gives me THE LOOK. (Matthew's 'you have bewitched me body and soul' is nothing to Colin staring at me over the piano at his aunt's house...even though neither actually happen in the book.) How can I not choose P&P? When I read it I AM Elizabeth Bennet.

  14. Happy One year mark!! So ok--I don't remember titles, I'm sure I've read me out here--does seeing a movie version help cause that I know I've done!

  15. Ooh ooh, I want to play!!! First though. CONGRATS!!!!! 6 books in 1 year! Who are you?? Where did you come from? Stephanie Meyer is going down!!!

    OK, I don't think it is really fair if I play because I have only read Pride and Prejudice and it took me forever. I was way too young and didn't quite understand the text. I know, I'm such a dork! So, Jane Austen-Shmane Austen...I am all about the Jenni James series! And my favorite is.... Pride and Popularity (aaargh, Taylor Andersen!!!) although, I am curious to see how Mansfield Ranch turns out!!! That could trump it!

  16. Okay, so you shamed me into entering, even though I've never read Austen.. ACK! I know, I know. BUT I've read all your books.. does that count? LOL. I guess I have to choose P&P, since I've seen the movie AND read a version of it :)

  17. Jinksy--I hear you, it's hard to think which is your favorite as you're rereading each one.. cuz then i think, "oh wait! This one is my fave!"

    Nikki--LOVE LOVE LOVE Persuasion! Seriously! It is my really, truly favorite I think

    Ang--Ooh! Love P&P too! I've got you entered twice! Thanks for posting it on your site!

    Kasie--LOL! Westways! LOL! Flattery gets you everywhere darling! And yes, The Northanger Affect is sooo funny! heheheeh!

    Candi--Thanks for the confetti! Wahooo! It looks all festive now! LOL! And um, hello? Persuasion with that really cute Captain Wentworth in the new movie version... and sigh... I know, I love the part when he gives her back her house... but I hated her running up and down the street.. grrr.... and YES! P&P rain scene! I could watch that a 100 times... and then the almost kiss! Eeek! But he was shy and sad... I prefer collin's proud and mad any day!

  18. Jenn--Emma.. hmm... really? I love it!

    Marie--Welcome! And thanks! Gotta love P&P and all those sparks! Sigh

    Tiffany--YEP! I've got you marked down thanks!

    Jessie--OMGosh! I know what you mean... just watched Collin's P&P sigh... there's nothing better than that look when he smiles just a bit and then right after when he tells off caroline! heheheh! I LOVE the whole Pemberley scenes!

    Terri--Seeing the movie totally counts. Ok, so I've updated the post to help you.

    Kari--You crack me up! LOL! And whatever There is NO way I could ever write an Meyerish forbidden-love addictive storyline like she does... I'll have to settle with austen rewrites! LOL!

    Shanti--I KNEW you were a darcy girl! Sigh... he's pretty studly! LOL!

  19. Favorite Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice. :-)

    And I don't think you look awful at all in the morning - but quite gorgeous!

  20. I love Pride and Prejudice. It is one of my favorite books. Thank you!

    lynne at fairpoint dot net

  21. Well, since I just blogged about this you know, but I'll say it again. Persuasion. I'm so Anne. P&P is a close second.

  22. Melissa--LOL! Flattery gets you everywhere! You girls are so smart! And ah-ha! I should've taken you as a P&P girl all the way.

    Lynne--Welcome! And hmm another P&P girl. I've got you down!

    Lois--Sigh! LOVE Anne! I love you already! And yeah, P&P is so good too!

  23. OMG! I SO want this!
    OK, My favorite Jane Austen Novel is Persuaded. It just melts my heart every time. I mean, honestly, who's never wanted a second chance?

  24. "Cellllebrate good times, come on!" [Yeah, you're too young to remember that Lionel Richie song, but you get the drift. LOL] CONGRATULATIONS on your blogoversary, giddy girl!

    My fav JA book was P&P...but I'm not officially entering the contest. If I won that gorgy book, I'd just be forced to do more Treated Text and alter the entire book page by page with my Sharpies and poem-finding missions! :)

    Love ya!

  25. I remember when you first emailed your drafts out...what fun times! I wish I could spend hours proof-reading again. Too bad my life and schedule doesn't give me any spare time anymore!:) Congrats on your one year mark! You already know it, but my favorite J.A. book is Mansfield Park!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I love them all. It's a hard choice but I'll go with Persuasion. That is one beautiful looking book.

    BTW I followed your link off of Mormon Mommy Blogs.

  28. Oh my, pick a favorite? I think it will have to be EMMA! And why oh why did I know about your website but not your blog?

  29. Love your blog and your idea to rewrite all the books for teens. That's fantastic! I just hope they read the originals, too. I'm sure you will incite enough interest and love that they will!

    My favorite Jane Austen book is PERSUASION. It certainly is her most finely written novel, in my opinion.

    You don't have LADY SUSAN on there... are you planning on rewriting that one? *soft giggles*

    LADY SUSAN probably has one of the most hateable characters ever written, don't you think? Kind of like Becky Sharp. Love to hate 'em! I can't imagine how LADY SUSAN could be turned into a novel for a teen. It's pretty... adult. :)

  30. Julie--YEP Persuaded! So awesome! LOL! I knew you would love this one!

    Angie--Hey! I know that song! LOL! I'm not sure my kisd do! LOL! And ACK! OK, OK you're not entered! Definitely don't want the book destroyed! Sheez! LOL!

    Kimberly--I'm in the middle of Mansfield Ranch right now... Sigh! I'll have to send it to you, just so you can enjoy it! LOL! No working!

    Jennifer--Welcome! LOVE persuasion! And may I say, your name is Awesome! LOL!

    Amy--Emma! Yay! love that one too! I think my emma rewrite has an awesome mr knightly--hehehe! LOL! Is it wrong to be in love with your leading men? I guess if I'm not, then i doing something wrong!

    michelle--Muhaha! How did you know my evil plot to make all girls read Jane? Muhaha! poor things, they won't know what hit them.

    And i have BIG ideas for Lady Susan... after my series is done, I'll be handpicking a group of authors to write the different emails, texts, myspace & facebook comments, that will eventually make up a series of gossip all centered around a girl who goes by L4dySydn3y... or something like that... i've only cast one author so far, but I'm pretty excited about it.

    And I totally won't have her do any worse things than steal everyone's boyfriends.. since they're all (PG rated) teens.. but you get the idea! hehehe!

    But FIRST I must finish the rest of the rewrites. I've got 1 1/2 more to go.

  31. Jenni, Happy Anniversary! Hey there, I guess this is your lucky day! You might want to hop on over to my blog and read the last comment on my PIMP MY QUERY post...

    (BTW: Call me a loser - I've never read a JA book. I do, however, LOVE antique books and plan on watching the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow (Emma?) one day. See, I told you I'm a loser.)


  32. Lovin' the layout to your blog spot. HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! *Horns blowing, confetti falling*

  33. Count me in!

    And you look fabulous, girl!

  34. I like Emma!
    And congrats on the one year mark! I'm so glad I met you on here!