Monday, April 27, 2009

Caught my sheepish hubby watching Twilight!

Yes, folks. My hubby is a Twilight fan!

I should've known something was up a couple of days before Easter when he unwrapped the new DVD from the store bag and handed it to me.

"Here, ya go. Happy Easter. I know it's early, but I thought you'd want to watch it."

He clearly had just bought it. But what surprised me more, is this man is ALL about gifts. So much so, he'll hord totally awesome presents for months--just so on the "ACTUAL DAY" I get bombarded with the perfect gifts. He loves the wait, because apparently it'll make the holiday much better.

So as he hands me Twilight, I instantly feel guilty. "What? No, don't give it to me now, just wait a couple of days and give it on Easter. If it's my Easter gift then I can't watch it now." Sheez.

"Oh--uh, ok, then this is just something for you and your sisters to watch then." (remember they were here visiting me?)

I smile and shrug at my sisters. "Ok, thanks!"

Uh, hello? Warning flag. How did I not catch it? Oh, I know! Maybe it was because when I had to forcefully drag this guy to the theater to watch Twilight, he grumbled about it the whole way home. "It was okay, not that great. we should've just waited till video. Dumb, chick flicks....Blah, blah, blah...."

Anyway, so here's my poor hubby desperate to watch Twilight and me oblivious. Instead, my sisters and I wait until the next night when hubby and the kids are in bed, and put it on. Of course, we LOVE it.

Now my hubby has a problem. I've already watched it. He can't just ask me if I want to watch it, because he knows I'll know something is up. So instead, he waits a whole week & a half, until I'm upstairs reading and all the kids are in bed, before he sneaks down and turns it on.

As it was, he'd already watched a third of it by the time I came downstairs to answer email. We both froze as I entered the family room doorway and saw the movie. "What are you doing?"

"Just watching a movie, why?"

"A movie?" I grin. His huge eyes are hilarious. "Just a movie? Mark, you're totally watching Twilight. MY Twilight. My Easter gift." I'm so shocked, I begin to laugh.


"So? So? I thought you hated that movie. Now i'm coming downstairs and you're secretly watching it without me?"

"What's the deal? Can't I watch a movie before I go to bed?"

"You're so going down. You like that movie, admit it!"

"Aww, come on, Jenni. I'm tired, I needed something to help me fall asleep--you know how I always fall asleep on the couch if I watch a movie. You know that! I'm just using it to fall asleep." This is true, every action movie he watches at home--he crashes halfway through.

An hour later, the movie is finished and my hubby is wide awake.

So now I must ask, should I be slightly disturbed? Or just embrace the awesomeness that is my hubby? LOLOL!


  1. Eh, go easy on 'im. It's cute. ;)

    And I wouldn't be surprised if my hubby at least looked at the screen if I were watching it, to see what the hubbub is about.

  2. They can be so sneaky!
    My husband too likes to complain a lot about my movies. He would never admit he likes any of them.

  3. My hubby loves complaining about my movies, but it's not because he likes them. Embrace the appreciation.

  4. Haha! My ex even liked this movie and he is certainly a guy's guy.

  5. My husband likes it too! He's never read the book, and when I described the story to him he raised an eyebrow at me.

    "Sparkly vampires?"

    Well, we rented Twilight for my birthday and I said I was going to force him to watch it. He did, and I could tell he liked it. But, the kicker came two days later. We still had the video and the kids were in bed and he was like, "Do you want to watch Twilight again? You know . . . I thought you might want to, before we have to return it."

    LOL! That was when I knew he liked it. :)

  6. Embrace it! Now you know you always have someone to watch Twilight with. Humph, wish my husband would admit he liked it. He just said, "It was okay, but all the cheese got in the way of the cool vampire fighting scene."

  7. That's hilarious! I can picture the whole thing in my head and that makes it a billion times more funny! HA! I think that you should embrace it! That rocks.

  8. That's great. My husband won't even read fiction let alone watch a movie like that by himself. You're lucky.

  9. My husband actually walked out of the movie theaters asking if we could read New Moon together so he could find out what happened. I haven't been able to work myself up to reading it again. But I'm sure we'll get to it eventually.

  10. Janna--LOL! Fine, I'll be merciful--just.

    Angie--embracing now! LOL!

    Lori--LOL! You know they do! hahahah! Deep down, they Have to!

    Lois--alright, alright, i'm embracing!

    Melissa--LOL! I'll let my hubby know, maybe then he can come out of hiding! LOL!

  11. Renee--LOL! I know, right? Like you can't watch the movie without him.. he has to ask you, so you wanna watch it again? LOL! LOVE IT!

    Kasie--Men! LOL! I wonder what he'll think of new moon??? LOL1

    Caitlin--yay! I thought it was hilarious! LOL1

    Patti--Welcome! And hahaha! I'll consider it lucky then.

    Nikki--i know what you mean, one day I'll have to pick that book up. I really do wonder what the guys will think of New Moon???

  12. Mark, Mark, Mark. He really is such a good guy, maybe we should let this one slide. It definately is good for you that he likes it. I can see how that can go in your favor!

  13. Haha, what a great story : ) Husbands are so strange lol.

    Was the movie good, by the way? I have a hangup on movies made from books (okay, maybe "reluctance to give it a chance" is a better choice of words), and I've heard both good and bad things about the movie.

  14. Can't get into the whole Twilight thing myself, probably need an older child for that one. And it helps having no hubby cause I get to watch whatever I like :-)

  15. I still haven't seen it. I keep meaning to rent it, but just haven't done it yet. I wasn't in love with the books, so I don't feel that overwhelming "urge"! LOL

  16. Embrace it! He's a closet romantic. ;)

  17. That's hilarious. Now you can call him Edward and he'll understand. My husband thought Twilight was "all right" which is actually a huge compliment from him. (We DVRed it, and he stays up late watching movies sometimes. So, it is possible he is sneaking a little vampire action behind my back.)

  18. My husband watched parts of the movie here and there, then he insisted that I tell him the entire saga. My thoughts were if you want to read it then read it. It isn't my story to tell. He is funny.

  19. Kari--LOL! yes, it is nice. I guess he won't stress when I want to see the next one! LOL!

    KLo--Um, yeah. It wasn't so bad. I had a hard time with the books (until book 4) because of Bella's character. I didn't relate to her, so when i wasn't in her head, then yeah... the movie was really good. LOL! I could just enjoy

    Yummy Mammy--LOL! This is so true. No man=any movie! LOL! And erm, I beg to disagree... My daughter will not be reading twilight for a few years... and uh, no girl is too old for Edward. Trust me. LOL!

    Erica--LOL! You'll have to tell me what you think once you do rent it.

  20. Jenn--TRUE! I've never thought of it that way. and my hubby is seriously romantical!

    Jessie--LOL! Edward! No one can resist! LOL!

    Amber--LOL! See the men are hooked too! LOL! I'm glad to know my hubby isn't the only one! LOL!

    Terri-He is a sweetie. Ok fine, I'll embrace him again! LOL!

  21. Excellent post! I got my husband to watch Twilight with me, but only after a lot of persuading.

  22. adr--LOL! YAY! At least you got him to watch! That's awesome. Welcome!

  23. Funny!! When I rented Twilight, my hubby told me to get a movie for him to watch too. So I watched Twilight, he watched the other movie (we are so romantic), then after I went to bed, he watched Twilight (which cracked me up!). Though when I asked if he liked it he said, "If I was a teenage girl, I loved it. But I'm not."

  24. You will have to read the books, they are 100% more awesome than the absolutely awesome film... I love your blog its so cute xx