Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I had to blog about Susan too!

Forgive me. I know you've already seen this. I know especially in the states as you guys have had this all over the news. But I have to say I am so amazed at this woman's pluck and determination. How many times do we know what we have inside of us, but are afraid of the audience laughing and so shut down.

This woman had been abused and basically shut in her home by her own mother until the woman died at 92. Now Susan Doyle is beginning to live the life she'd always dreamed of. Now she has come out of her box and shown the world who she really is. Where did this confidence come from? Where has she dug up the guts to do this? How has she kept her faith in herself for so long?

May we all continue to shoot for our dreams, until we conquer them. May we never lose sight of our goals--no matter what trials we are facing, who is judging us and most importantly who is mocking us. Those dreams will become reality.

Susan Boyle. Britian's Got Talent
Singing, I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables (broadway musical)
Simon's grin is just priceless.

BGT 2009: Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream (Full Version) DL @ Yahoo! Video


  1. Honestly, until Susan, I never realize how much life can so much more creative, more inspiring, more poetic, more emotional and amazing than any Hollywood-made film.

  2. I didn't know that about her life. How awful!

  3. She's an inspiration. I cannot hear her story enough times (nor does listening to her sing ever get old)

  4. I LOVE her. She also has a song on YouTube that she recorded on a charity CD called, "Cry Me a River" that is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

  5. Love her! I hadn't seen the whole seven minute clip before. Very touching. She's awesome.

  6. I love this story. So amazing! She had me crying the first time I watched this video.

  7. Lori--She's so awesome! I love how she just decided she was going to do it and then did it! Incredible

    Terri--So sad, really. Poor thing, I'm just so amazed at how happy she is now. she's not letting it get her down.

    KLo--Hi! And I feel the exact same way. I've listened to this about about thirty times now! I love the vid too, simon's face is priceless!

    Melissa--ooh! I'll have to check that out! Thanks

    Kasie--She's so awesome! I agree!

    lois--she had you crying? sheez, I still can't! I'm like totally blubbering. And the chills I get hearing her opening notes are like no other! Amazing!

  8. I had no idea her past was like that. I tear up every time I watch her.

  9. I love her, she's awesome. Thanks for sharing more details about her! :)

  10. Debbie--I'm surprised the media didn't jump on her past too! Yeah, i'm always cryin--that's why I had to post.

    Jenn--She's so awesome!

  11. I saw this and got all choked up! I thought it was awesome!

  12. Brilliant voice. Makes me cry.
    Can I just ask where you got the information about her past? Everything I've read indicates that she got on well with her mother, but had to nurse her prior to her death, that she entered the competition becuse she promised her mother she would 'do something with her life'. That she was well known locally for her singing, so harly a recluse or prisoner...?

  13. Candi--I know! I just watched it again and I'm crying ALL over again! Sheez! She's amazing!

    Kathi--YES! Me too! If I have her info wrong please tell me! I would LOVE to hear that she had a wonderful life, truly! That's the best news ever. It was all over the British news sites while I was searching for this video and it was on all the comment sections as well. But if her life was good, then that's just even better!