Monday, December 21, 2009

National Kissing Day

Thanks to A Writer Wannabe, today is her official Kissing Day Blogfest!

So I've decided to jump on board. Except, instead of adding one of my romantical kisses that are in Northanger Alibi (release date by Valor June 1, 2010), I've added a more fiesty kiss, between Claire and er, the "bad guy" or in this case, who Claire believes is a werewolf.

Jaden chuckled as he pulled himself out of the chair and stalked over to my bed—his dark eyes glittered dangerously. All the sudden I found myself wishing I wasn’t alone. He was a werewolf after all and everyone knew their moods changed extremely fast. He prowled right up to me and leaned over.
“Yes, you fainted.” His eyes hungrily devoured my face and I gulped. “You’re really lucky I like you, because I could’ve eaten you right then on the street.”
“R-really?” My eyes were huge.
Jaden grinned his slow sexy smile and leaned farther down. I sunk into my pillows. Do something. Scream. Bite. Push. Something. Why in the world are you frozen? Only vampires are frozen! That did it. Just as I opened my mouth to scream Jaden covered it with his.
Oh my gosh! About ten rapid heartbeats pounded before he released me.
“Got it,” he whispered above my lips. “I told you I’d kiss you again.”
“Urgh!” I growled.
He grinned, still hanging above me. “And you didn’t even push me away.”
I was pushing now. But he was ignoring me. He lowered the scant few inches to kiss me once more, this time I was prepared. With an evil gleam I bit him. Hard.
“Holy—!” The slew of foul language that escaped from Jaden’s mouth as he jerked away from me would’ve made a sailor blush. I wasn’t a sailor. My face stayed stone cold. In fact, I was ticked. I was more than ticked. This was my turn. I invited him up to my room to discuss things on my terms.
What in the world does that idiot think he’s doing trying to kiss me in my bed!? If my daddy were here Jaden Black would’ve been thrown outside on his head—werewolf or not. Boys weren’t allowed within a ten foot radius of our bedrooms at home. Now I know why! The jerk!
“Are you through?” I smiled my short tight smile at him.
“Holy mother of Pete’s sake!” He made an attempt to curb his temper as he stomped around covering his mouth with his hand. “What’d you do that for, huh?”
“That was only your bottom lip. Come near me again and I’ll bite your other one,” I stated calmly.
“You wanted me to kiss you! I could tell.”
The nerve. I took a deep breath to stay cool. “No. I didn’t. In fact, I was pushing you away.”
“You’re lucky you didn’t draw blood,” he pouted as he gingerly touched the swollen lip.
“No, you’re lucky I didn’t draw blood.” I heaved an exasperated breath. It was ridiculous going in circles with this guy. “What did you say to my parents anyway?”
“Nothing.” He stomped over to the chair and plopped down. “I was just teasing you about the werewolf stuff.”
“You mean you didn’t tell my mom?”
“That you thought I was a werewolf, no.” He leaned forward and pointed to his lip. “Do you see this? Do you? If I was a werewolf, my lip would already be healing!” He slumped back angrily into the chair. “No thanks to you I’ve gotta walk around like this for forever now.”
“Oh please! It’s not that bad.” He’s such a baby. I folded my arms. “Besides if you’re that mad at me, what are you still doing here?”
“Good point. I have no idea, really.” He grunted and stretched his long legs out in front of him. “Since I’ve met you, my whole life has turned upside down. For some reason I must enjoy this torture—because beyond my gut instincts to run as faraway as I can--I find your train wreck possibilities fascinating. And believe it or not, somewhat endearing. I mean, what other guy—within a forty-eight hour period--can say he’s had smoothie dumped on him, tears smeared all over his shirt, a shouting match in the middle of Bluebird Avenue, a fainting scare, werewolf accusations, and a bitten lip? See what I mean? I must be attracted to danger.”

This is a rewrite of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. I'm rewriting all 6 of the Austens for YA.
Here's the blurb if you're just joining...

Seattle Washington, and the Russo family, are no match for Claire Hart and her savvy knowledge of all things vampire related. Thanks to her obsession with the Twilight series--if there is anyone who would know a vampire when she saw one, it's Claire. And she's positive totally hot Tony Russo is a vampire, she just has to prove it! Follow Claire's hilarious journey on her first summer adventure away from home, where she learns everything isn't what it seems, and in some instances, reality is way better than anything she'd ever find in a book.

I knew from the beginning that Northanger Abbey would be my biggest challenge to rewrite. Since it is the most unfamiliar/unread of all the Austen books. I love it! I think it is extremely funny and a complete satire of the gothic novels that were popular at the time. To modernize this, I needed to base my story off of massively popular modern gothic novels. Enter the Twilight Series.


  1. Wow! I loved the tension!

    For some reason I must enjoy this torture—because beyond my gut instincts to run as faraway as I can--I find your train wreck possibilities fascinating.

    Spectacular, seriously!

  2. Thanks VS! I'm off to read yours now!

  3. Haha. I love how infuriated he gets, but even so he can't tear himself away. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ha! Funny twist that he wasn't a werewolf at all, just a guy with a bit lip. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  5. oh this was great! i love tension kisses....where the heroine knows she shouldn't but can't stop herself....*sigh* thanks for sharing!

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  6. I'm loving this post! GREAT tension here and I love a werewolf! ;) Thanks so much for joining in the fun today! You rocked it!

    And a mom of 6???? You look way too young!

  7. "Holy mother of Pete's Sake!" That was genius. Mmmm...kissing the bad boy. Sometimes it just has to be done:)

  8. Excellent! Very angsty teen. :)

  9. Great scene. I loved it. The angry kiss is great. Can't read to read your books.

  10. Jenni! Grrrreat scene! I, being such a hopeless romantic, love to write out scenes like that, too...
    Please come to my blog and visit my kissing scenes, won't you?

    Take care and thanks for sharing with us!

  11. That scene was fantastic and the book sounds freakin' awesome. I'm so glad Kissing Day led me to your blog!

  12. I love Northanger Abbey and all of Austen's books. How fantastic that you're rewriting them for YA! I can't wait until they're published. I'm sure I'll devour them all!

    Great scene! I'm glad as well that kissing day led me to your blog! I'm excited to read more!

  13. Ha ha!

    I love that she bit him! So unexpected.

  14. Ha! So cute that she thought he was a werewolf! The dialogue was really fun!

  15. SO cute - and I'm a BIG time Austen fan. Young Adult Austen, great concept. I'm rewriting them for contemp romantic comedy. VERY Fun!!
    Good luck

  16. This was great. I could really picture the entire scene. I loved how he hungrily devoured her face and his statement at the end about being attracted to a train wreck and attracted to danger! Brilliant!

  17. Jenni! Frankie is hosting a NO kissing Blogfest until January 2nd. Sign up and visit mine today!!!

    (can't wait to read another of yours!)

  18. Thank you for being brave enough to write werewolf romance---you rock!
    Audience of ONE

  19. I love Jane Austin. I'll definitely check out your books. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  20. Wow, that's one way to get the guy off you...bite his lip. hee hee

  21. I've heard of your book before, but I wasn't sure who you were. Re-writing Austen is a daunting task, but this scene was playful and kept me reading.

  22. I loved this! Such an exciting thing to read and a great idea with turning the Austen books into YA. Can't wait to read more!

  23. Fun stuff. I wish that dude would be less weaselly and more wolfish. But you did say he's the bad guy...

  24. Kissing, fighting and...biting! Whee. Fun stuff.

    Your take on Northanger Abby sounds great, translating Austen's parody of gothic novels (and kind of poking fun at the flights of fancy they inspire in young girls) seems spot-on. Looking forward to it!

    FWIW, my Austen fave is Emma. Austen totally skewers the social climbers of her day. I'm eager to see what you do with that one!

  25. Whew! i finally finished ALL the kissing blogs last night... talk about very romantical stuff! Thank you to everyone who commented... and to all my new followers! You guys rock! If I haven't already, I'll be over to your site to follow you soon...

    Pepper! Yay! I don't think there's enough austen rewrites in the world! LOL! Awesome! I wish you the best of luck!

    Mary-Ooh! You've heard of me.. muhahah! Er, sorry, just a random reaction I have when I hear that. Ahem.

    Elizabeth--I'm so heading over there! I have an awesome almost kiss from Persuaded... *sigh*

    999--Hey, yeah... LOL! He's the bad guy, and a little too charismatic at first. I had to go back and make him not so much, so my girls would fall for the real hero. *grins* What is it with bad boys, anyway?

    Laurel--I've already re-responded on your post...

    Thanks everyone else!
    You guys rock!

  26. -I find your train wreck possibilities fascinating.

    Work from home India

  27. The bad boy touch, mmmm! This was a wonderful twist on the kissing stories. Thanks for taking part in the blogfest and for visiting my blog. :)

  28. *swoons* Loved it and love the twist you're putting on J.A.'s stories. Me likey.

  29. Ha ha! This was so fun, she bit him! Love me some bad-boy kissing, great!

  30. I love it! Can't wait to read the whole thing!!

  31. Happy New Year Jenni,

    I look forward to following you over the year ahead . . and thank you for your very kind comment about my poem on my own blog.

    I'm about to become a member of the James gang? Or am I about to be outlawed? Hm . . .

    Doug ;-)