Monday, January 4, 2010


For Christmas this year--Santa brought each of the kids a circular sled. And since this has been our FIRST white Christmas ever!!!--my children have spent many gleeful hours shrieking down the neighborhood hill. Every single one of them--except my 6 year old. He's only spent 15 minutes on his.

He has decided his sled is called the Sled of Death...
After his brief excursion, I heard him slam into the house--shivering up a storm. After I stripped him of his wet clothes and bundled him onto our electric mattress pad with huge blanket, and he could finally stop chattering enough to speak... he explained why he will NEVER go sledding again, EVER.

" Mom, have you ever been on a sled before?"

"Yes. Did you have fun?"

"Are you kidding, Mom? That thing is the Sled of Death!"

"The what--?" (chuckling)

"I'm serious. Who invented stuff like that anyway?"

"I don't--"

"It's dangerous, Mom. Totally dangerous for kids. I'm not kidding. You climb up the whole entire hill to the very tip top, then sit on this--this, really slippery thing, and zoom down, faster than the whole world! All the time you're spinning around in circles and screaming until it finally stops and crashes you in a puddle of rocks and water and mud and stuff. Mom! This is very dangerous stuff here. I can't believe you're letting your kids do this thing! And you know what??? There's other kids on that hill, other moms are letting their kids sled too. We could all die. Not kidding Mom. Die. Seriously. Who does stuff like this? Give kids slippery things and says now go zoom down a hill at super fast turbo speeds and see what happens. I don't know if you know, but Santa gave us a very bad thing this year--bad, bad, bad!"

My ever-wise 6 year old, decided to play with his "much safer" train set (also from Santa) for the rest of the day, instead.

Good grief. Well, I feel the need to share that all 5 of the other kids (including my two year old) made it home safe, sound, and full of excited adventurous stories to share. LOL!


  1. Poor thing. I hate snow anyway - nasty, slippy slidy, stuff when we get it here, and we did get some before Christmas this year, and the weather forecasters are threatening more tomorrow! I wouldn't want to get get on a sledge either.

  2. Ack! WE've had some dangerous toys from Santa ourselves. Is that fat old elf trying to kill us?

  3. Out of the mouths of babes. Although my daughter goes down on her stomach with her hands tucked into her side like a penguin.

  4. Oh my goodness! What a character! That had me in stitches!! Sled of death... Awesome!

  5. ROFL! I can hear it! My 6yo (she'll be 7 this weekend!) is dramatic, too, and she'd spout off like that. :)

  6. I have to agree. I don't get the allure of sledding. :)

  7. This story could have come from the mouth of my 7 y.o.! LOL! I love it. Don't kids just say the wackiest things?! :-)

  8. Oh that is so cute, but I feel bad that he doesn't want to go sledding anymore.I'm 16 and that is still one of my favorite things to do whenever it snows. But that is so adorable, everything he said, just adorable.

  9. Wow. Turbo speed, spinning, sled of death. I'm totally cracking up. Thanks.

  10. Kathi--LOL! You crack me up! Er, I would say I hope you enjoy your snow tomorrow--but I'll pass this time.

    T Anne--Or he knew what a good girl I've been and was just trying to help my sanity by taking out one of them? LOL!

    Nisa--Yeah, he cracks me up all the time. That kid. he's the only one who thinks it through though--they others are like, BRING IT ON!!!

    Patti--what an image! LOL! i LOVE it!

  11. Janna--LOL! They're so funny aren't they?

    Elana--you're welcome over to play with the train set, he'd probably like a friend at this point! LOL!

    Shannon--thanks! Yeah, I know... they're the BEST resource for comedic material!

    Hayley--thanks, he's a total character. I'm sure come two years from now he'll forget all about this fear and jump back on a sled again and enjoy himself. As of right now though, he thinks we're all nuts.

    Lois--LOL! You're welcome. I've been cracking up all day over this, so I hear you!

  12. So I'm assuming the 6 year old is not going to be big on roller coasters, and amusement park rides.

    Put him on the Tower or Terror and see what response you get.

  13. Jenni--if you are interested in doing another blogfest, Courtney Reese is holding a Love at First Sight for Valentine's day!


  14. He sounds like a writer, just like his mom!

  15. I can just picture him saying that. He cracks me up. I'm with him. Sledding + Snow = Death