Monday, March 28, 2011

New Blog, New Coauthor, New Book

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I would like to introduce you to AJ Cole (of The Scarmap Series)--my coauthor and new partner in crime on this blog.

He and I have written an epic paranormal romance novel titled: Eternity. Which is out now on Kindle/Smashwords/Nook/ereader for $2.99 It has a print publish release date of early 2012 (with our UK publisher)

To buy at Kindle you can click here or Smashwords click here. (if you're interested in Reading for free, we are looking for reviewers to rate us on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords...etc. Please contact us for more info:

Eternity-a battle of the heart

A general in the war in heaven is desperate to prove her worth in a world full of men, while a soldier under her command, would do anything to prove his worth to her.

Wanna read an excerpt of Eternity? Click Here


  1. Thanks Janna--we're pretty excited! I'm really excited we can release it for ebook early! :D

  2. I'd LOVE to get a copy and I'll do a review on my blog and all that happy stuff. It sounds like a fun read. Let me know when Northanger Alibi comes out, and I'd be happy to "plug" you again - let me know!
    jolenebperry at gmail

  3. @Nisa.. thank you! We're so excited! :D

    @Jolene I've sent it to you! thank you so much. :D