Thursday, July 13, 2017



They're actually filming RIGHT NOW!  As in I sneaked away from the set for a little bit so I can actually tell you about it!

And yeah, I'm pretty much freaking out. It's THAT awesome!

Young Indy at the birthday party where she gets her kitten! 

Indy making breakfast for aunt, uncle and cousins.

Aunt Clarise grilling Indy.

The best part is, I got to write the screenplay!  :)  As in I worked on it. The producers had some incredible ideas to expand scenes and the characters, so there's a lot of new added stuff for the movie. However, it doesn't compromise the book or characters, only enhances.

This movie is set for a digital release (hulu, amazon prime, netflix...) for Valentine's Day Feb. 2018. Meanwhile... other producers are looking at different screenplays (of my books) that I've written too. Maybe we'll see another movie soon!  Whoop!

Here they are filming in front of Indy's Aunt Clarise's house. (Stepmom)

Indy and Bryant walking home from school. 

Indy and Bryant at the park. 

Such gorgeous locations!!!

AND because I love giveaways... We're having the cast sign 6 copies of my book to be given away over the next few months.  So please like the Not Cinderella's Type facebook page and join the fun!
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