Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I know, I shouldn't laugh...BUT!!!

I know, I know, I should behave better. I know this. And I try super hard to do it too--Well, er, most of the time. But I have been giggling about this for three days straight now--and if I don't share with someone I'm gonna die! Hehehe! I know, I know.. nothing like going public with this, but seriously... what else can I do?

So Sunday at church--it was fast sunday (Where we fast meals and give that money we would've used for food to the poor) anyway,f ast Sunday is my favorite, because I love to hear the life changing experiences that people share that have uplifted them and helped them on their path of the straight and narrow. LOL! Well, British testimonies are always a bit more exciting, than in the States. Maybe it's the cute accents? I don't know. But one sweet lil' old guy--cane and all--got up to bare (Bear? not sure! LOL!) his testimony and I lost it. Seriously, lost it.

The part that got to me, went something like this:

"So I wanted to thank the young men and women who came to my house and sang carols to me. I especially loved the little cakes you made me. The chocolate ones I ate straight away. But the real pretty white one I saved for a special occasion. It was just beautiful with extra pretty decor and fancy designs. I couldn't wait to eat it and saved it for a whole week, until Christmas Day.

Little did I know that when I finally bit into that little cake--it wasn't a cake at all, but a flippin' bar of soap! Couldn't figure out why I was chewing something so hard till I actually bit down on the thing! So, uh, thanks for that Christmas surprise."

Seriously, I lost it--Bad, bad, Jenni. But I just had to share! LOL! I can't be the only one who knows this. LOL!


  1. LOL, aren't little old men the cutest? Add in a cane, a british accent and a story about eating soap and I know I couldn't have held in the laughter. Something like that is just made to be laughed at! :D

  2. I have to say...I'm sitting at my desk at work...picturing what this precious little ole man looks like and trying to hear the accent as he tells this story...HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing and we won't say a word...heehee!

  3. That is too funny! I was thinking it was going to be a sweet ol story from a cute old man! Why would they give him soap that looked like cake? ! Just curious... But poor guy! I would have been laughing so hard too! Thanks for sharing! I wihs I coudl have been there to hear that!

  4. Melissa M--I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought so! SHEEZ! I've been dying! LOL!

    Jenn--YES! This one was WAY super cute too! he told it all with a twinkle--but i'm STILL laughin!

    Ang--Oh he is the cutest guy EVER! I love Sid!

    Melissa--I have no idea! The YW made the soap and the YM made the cakes... Maybe he didn't hear them when they said it was soap! LOL!

  5. OH ack!! soap! Yuck!! What a cute story though. I bet the youth got a kick out of that.

  6. Too funny! I love it. Actually, though, I can see myself doing something like that. :P

  7. What a great great guy! (Reminds me of the time we iced cupcakes with Exlax...oh, never mind.) :)

  8. Judd and I enjoyed that little story. Grandma just gave me your blog address. It is great to read all about your fun. Thanks for the Christmas card and we can't wait to see you guys in UT.

  9. I'm bad too. Especially at church. It seems like when I know I'm not supposed to laugh is when I laugh the hardest. So one time, there was the sweetest older lady in RS who was sharing the most spiritual story. Everyone was so touched and then all the sudden she said, "Except the poodle was in the car with us too and he had really bad gas." My head whipped over to Candi who was sitting right next to me and she had the most serious look on her face. I said, "Candi, did you hear that?" And she gave the most barely noticeable nod. I figured she really didn't hear it, so I whispered, "She said the poodle had gas." That's when Candi lost it. She plugged her nose and her whole body started shaking. So then of course I let out a loud "HA!" and had to throw my hands over my mouth. We laughed the rest of the meeting. Later Candi said, "Kasie, I totally heard her, I was trying not to laugh." Oh my gosh, it was soooo funny. I'm laughing so hard right now just remembering it.

  10. Candi--Well after i burst into later, the rest of the congregation had a really hard time holding it in. The youth had the hardest! LOL!

    Renee--Eating soap? LOL! My hubby when he dropped off our 12 year old to muchual said he saw the cakes of soap (hahah! I kill myself!) and was like, "ooh! What are those?" LOL! He would've so ATE it too!

    Angie!!!!--Are you kiddind me??? That is so a Friday family episode! I wanna read it!

  11. BECKY!--EEEH! Hi! How are you??? We can't wait to see you guys either!!! YAY! for grandma!

    Kasie--I'm laughing so hard I have tears! LOL! Oh my gosh! That is SOOO funny! I'm SOOO DYING! Evil! Evil GIRL! LOL! I love it!

  12. That's a riot! How many other people were laughing besides you?

    Morgan Mandel

  13. When Kasie says we laughed the rest of the time, she's not kidding. We even laughed through the prayer, though we did try really, really hard not to. I totally blame Kasie. Haha!

  14. Morgan--LOL! That's the problem. No one was laughing until me! LOL! I seriously just cracked up over and over again thinking of his face.

    Candi--I can soo see you two! LOL! This isn't difficult at all! LOL! And no fair! Ya'll get to go to relief society together!

    Terri--LOL! There is that! I'm not sure I'd have admitted to eating soap! lOL! He's a funny guy though! LOL

  15. That was a cute tale.
    ps thanks for sharing

  16. That IS a riot! Poor guy ;) Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

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