Monday, February 16, 2009

Confession Time

Growing up I had a MASSIVE crush!
It was beyond anything anyone could imagine... (erm...Unless you're in your late 20's-to mid 30's you could have no idea what this was like. None at all!)
The New Kids on the Block
This borderline obsession started when i was the ripe old age of 13 until I was 16.
In girl years that's like a MASSIVE amount of time. So much of my teen life was spent dreaming about, singing with, or dancing along to the NKOTB, that very few memories I have aren't connected with them.

Yes. I had the sheets, blanket, action figures (They're guys people... NOT Dolls), the T-shirts, the POSTERS, the buttons, the jewelry, the well... EVERYTHING. I mean, it was only right that I had the complete collection to prove my loyalty since I had EVERY intention of Marrying this one:
Yes, girls... sorry to say, but he was mine. LOL! Jordan Knight. I mean, seriously.... how cute does Jordan & Jenni sound..? or of course my older sounding Jordan & Jennifer... I was positive it was meant to be! LOL! I said my prayers every night begging the Lord to let me marry him--or at least meet him. Since I was positive once he met me, he'd be hooked! LOL!
It's amazing how the Lord had other ideas... Instead I very happily married my hubby (Who officially hates the NKOTB) and of course, now that I'm older and much wiser, I think I did a lot better marrying Mark than I could've ever imagined as a teen!


  1. LOL! You are hilarious. I was a little old for these guys, but you were not alone in your obsession. I knew tons of girls who felt just like you did.

  2. NKOTB!!! LOVED THEM! i was definetly one of those crazy girls madly in love with them!

    URRHHHH... I have been avoiding the question in hope I would read it before you asked me again! LOL! But no i haven't read the book yet!! SORRY! My laptop crashed last week and I had it saved to that. So i need to save it to my other computer and read it! I will this week!!! I am excited taht you are giving me the privledge! I love reading your blog so I am sure I will absolutely love this!

    Anyways, I will let you know soon.

  3. What a hoot. I'm afraid they were way too young for me to even consider, since I'm way older than you. They are cute, though.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. I love it!! They were/are so dreamy! What girl in their right mind didn't dream about them? LOL!

  5. I am much older than you but I can still imagine. We older gals still had crushes!

  6. Yeah, I'm with old Deb on this one. LOL

  7. HA! I remember the New Kids. :) Can't say I ever had a crush on them. My feelings were saved for The Beatles* (torn between John and Paul, actually.)

    *yes, I was a rather, let's say, unique girl growing up. :)

  8. I'll be loving you forever, just as long as you want me to be. Ooooh ooooh yes I'll be loving you..... Okay, I'll stop. NKOTB rock. I love them. Yes, that is not past tense. And, yes, most of the time, I still act like I'm 13 years old even though I'm at least ten years older than that.

  9. Lois--LOL! YES! But I was the BIGGEST fan! LOL! Isn't that what everyone thinks??

    Melissa--YAY! Join the NKTOB groupies! Wahooo! And No worries on the book, I just know you were dying to read it! LOL! And I Hope Kari hasn't given it away! LOL!

    Morgan--Cute does not even describe these totally hot guys! LOL! You should've seen them in concert! LOL! *Sigh*

  10. Regina-YAY! I know right? GASP! Seriously! The ammount of hours I wasted dreaming over these guys is like seriously crazy! BUt I wouldn't change anything! LOL!

    Debbie--LOL! You're not THAT much older than me, I won't believe it! LOL! And Welcome!

    Angie--Same for you Angie! LOL!

  11. Renee--LOL! The beatles, eh? Well before the NKOTB I was absolutely hooked on Davey from the Monkees! Sigh! I really, really, really, LOVED HIM!

    Kasie--Sing it to me sweet! Wahooo! My mom actually sang I'll be loving you forever live on the radio near a McDonalds by my house so I could win tickets to see them perform!!! AHHHHH! It was sooo awesome! I LOVE NKOTB!!!

  12. Isn't Jordan still so handsome??? I loved him too.

  13. I have to agree that Jordan was the cutest NKOTB, by far. Yeah... I'm glad they don't let you marry who you are in love with as a teenager. I would've married Tom Cruise and that just looks like a mess waiting to happen.

  14. Steph--Ahem.. no comment. Eeeh! Me's a married woman now! LOL!

    Jenn--Tom Cruise? LOL! Okay, so i'm crazy I know...but I like him better now then I ever did as a teen! heheeh!

  15. Sorry...I was a Bon Jovi girl! lol

    I saw on the news last week that Jordan "came out of the closet". I wonder if it's true...

  16. Okay, so not to totally bombard all your posts with comments, but...

    I was a Joey girl. *sigh* I had NKOTB posters, sweatshirts, tapes, books, a LIFE-SIZED cardboard cut-out, sleeping bag... You name it. *giddy giggle*

    Oh, I've got to go watch videos on YouTube now! *sigh*


  17. I still love them. They are a big part of times of my life I love to remember.

    I was a Joe girl too. I never got a chance to see them in the early days (they never came to Romania) so last year I finally went to the concert in Boston. It was like walking back in time.

  18. Erica--Who bon jovi... I loved his later stuff, I didn't really know anything from the 80's since I went straight from beach boys and the monkees to the New kids! LOL! Yeah, i was sheltered! LOL!

    Janna--Shut up! You had a lifesized cardboard cutout??? NO WAY! And so not fair! EEEH! I would've died! Seriously! LOL! We would've been great friends! LOL! Since I loved jordan and you joey, it would've worked perfectly!

    Lori--No way!! You got to see them in concert last year??? NO FAIR! That's awesome! ok now I'm jealous! oh and welcome!