Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's Your Favorite Song?

Okay, so my uber cool publisher has hired a band for my launch party--I know, right? Like total rock star treatment here. (YES! I LOVE VALOR PUBLISHING!!!) Anyway, since I have a few months until my launch I thought it would be cool to come up with some songs to ask if the band can play them. Except, there's just one small problem with this...

I've lived in Europe the last 9 years!!! I mean, I know some ultra cool European songs--but I know almost next to none of the amazing modern American songs (and believe me, there's a HUGE difference). So I need help. Please?

What are some of your favorite songs? Any genre. Both fast and slow. Yes, I'm throwing a Twilight Ball for my launch party and people will be dressed up, but I'm so not using 19th century Bach Waltzes for my ball--not that Bach isn't cool, he's just doesn't fit into the modern ball I was thinking of.

So sock 'em to me. What are some uber cool songs that'll make my launch party for Northanger Alibi totally rock!?


  1. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is like the most current. And since it's a Twilight party, you could ask for some Muse songs (since that's Stephene Meyer's fave band...my personal favorite is Uprising).

  2. I don't know if it is a big hit or anything but I'm really loving Alien Like me by the Pigott Brothers.

  3. Jenni!
    A ball? Dancing??? I will be dancing like crazy! I can't wait, YIPPEE!!!!! Uh, songs?
    I think you could ask the YW in your ward since they would most likely know--call me on the phone, girl! I've been wanting to talk to you forever! :(

    PS--I am a Youth Dance Rep for our regional Youth Dances, I can ask the ones in charge the names of the bands and titles that are hot with the youth. Call me so we can bat around ideas on how to accomplish such a feat!


  4. My daughter says Taylor Swift is just about the greatest. "Love Story", "Come in with the Rain", etc. Of course, these are pop with a country twist which might not fit the bill for what you had in mind. Give them a try.

  5. Oh, this is so awesome! I hope one day to be in your shoes. Sigh.
    I was going to suggest Muse as well. But, if this is for dancing, Muse is hard to dance to. I work with teens and for their dances, they all love HipHop stuff and pop music (Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Jay Z, etc.). If you go to iTunes and look up the Top 100 downloaded songs, that would give you a good idea. Although, you need to keep the people's age who are attending in mind. If it will be more of an older crowd, they won't appreciate a lot of the new stuff.

  6. I love Muse's version of Feeling Good...and they have a couple of other songs that sound like 80s throwbacks (Undisclosed Desires is one). Evanescence is a group that has that gothic sound that I associate with Twilight. Oh, and So You Think You Can Dance uses a lot of modern music to set waltzes to, so you can check their site to see if they list the songs.

  7. That sounds fantastic! I'm actually a country girl, which is probably not the genre you want, but I love anything by Rascal Flatts and SheDaisy. I actually am not much help because I don't listen to the radio.

    The ball sounds fabulous though!

  8. That is so amazing that your publisher is really taking care of you. How about Two is Better than One by Boys Like Girls and The Reason by Hoobastank. Magic by Colbie Caillat

  9. Viva La Vida by Coldplay! Totally cool song!

  10. There is an awesome new song by Jaron and the Long Road to Love called, That's Beautiful to Me. I LOVE it!

  11. fyi- i gave you an award on my blog ;)

  12. JamieKate--Yay! So good to see you here on blogspot! Muse.. hmm.. I'll have to listen to a few songs Thanks!

    Amber--Thanks! I'll check it out, I've never heard it before!

    Elizabeth--good idea! i'll ask them. And yikes! Yes, I must call you!

    @MTeacress ooh! Taylor Swift! That was one american they played over there, I LOVE her songs! Thanks!

    Kelly--It'll come sooner than you think, I promise! That's a great idea about itunes! Thanks!

  13. Noelle--Ooh, some good ideas. I'll have to look at SYTYCD's website.. and I'll check out those muse ones too. I love a couple of Evanescence. Thanks!

    Nisa--I LOVE COUNRTY!!! Are you kidding me? Born and raised in the southwest. And I'm a MASSIVE SheDaisy fan. Have they put out anything new???

  14. Lois--YES! I'll have to do a post on why valor is so much better an any other pub out there. I'm just freaking out excited! And I LOVE your first choice, I don't know the other two, i'll have to check them out! Thanks!

    Regina--The title sounds cool--i love anything with a Latin beat. I'll check it out! Thanks!

    Candice--I've never heard of it! Man, I'm loving all these songs I've never heard of before. I'll have to check it out! THANKS!

    Kelly--OMGOSH! Thanks! You rock! And what a super cute award too!

  15. Anything by One Republic, The Fray, Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, Taylor Swift. Those are my favs. And I love all the ones mentioned so far. This party is going to rock.

  16. I really like Royksopp's "Happy up here" -- but ummm, it's probably about as European as songs get (techno, vibe & all).

    Also, Ben Folds is brilliant, especially his, "You to thank" song.

  17. Right now I"m loving "All the Right Moves" by One Republic. It could work.

  18. This time I asked my 17 year old and she says, "Really, anything by Coldplay and One Republic is good. Also Jack Johnson and Michael Buble."

  19. I hate to admit it but I really like Beyonce's Halo. My daughter,age 17, looked at me in shock the other morning when I admitted this in very hushed tones. Her favorite song right now is Break Even by The Script.

  20. Kasie--Ooh, I haven't heard of a couple of those... And YEAH! It's so gonna rock! THANKS!

    Terresa--Okay I haven't heard of either of those--I love all this new song education, Thank you!

    Patti--Checking it out! Thanks!

    @MTeacress--LOVE Jack Johnson! And Michael Buble made me cry yesterday, I'll be checking out the other two! Tell your daughter thanks!

    Shawn--LOL! I love beyonce's single ladies--LOVE it! And I'll have to check out Halo and the script. Thank you!

  21. Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine
    Tremble for my Beloved by Collective Soul
    (Both of these are on the Twilight Soundtrack.)
    But also:
    Smile by Uncle Kracker
    Dreams by The Cranberries
    I Just Haven't Met You Yet by Micheal Buble
    Better by Regina Spektor
    Teenage Wasteland by The Who (I'm sure you know this song...you HAVE to know this song!)
    Yeah, those are just a few that I really like. Good luck piecing together an awesome list! (But knowing you it won't be hard!)

  22. A song that makes me dance is "I Got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. Which really works for your ball because I got a feeling about your books and it makes me want to dance too!! LOL!

  23. ooh my favorites?..
    drops of jupiter by train
    set fire to the third bar by snow patrol
    meet virginia by train
    rockstar by nickelback
    tik tok parody by midnight beast haha thats a funny one
    this list could go for awhile