Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seriously! I am going insane. I expect the loony bin people to come knocking at my door, any second now. Why didn't anyone warn me this was going to happen??? It's like a big shushed up secret that only authors know and keep all to themselves. Here I thought writing a novel would be a fun, rewarding experience…. What I didn't count on was how crazy I was going to become.

There really needs to be a book about this out there! People need to know that when they set out to write a story, that indeed their characters come to life. And they haunt them! All day and night. Dead serious here. No one told me I would be plagued by my own imagination all night long! No one. Funny thing is I thought I would actually be able to sleep, while I wrote a book!

Hahahahah!Of course, now that it has had happened to me, plenty of authors have come forward –or out of the closet, which ever way you wanna look at it—and told me it happens to them every time they write a story. Every time? HUH?

Not kidding, you think that you are slowly going more insane --than you already are-- when you first hear the whispered characters speak to you. FYI: They whisper quite loudly as well! Picture me at 3:30am, trying to sleep when…

Hero: Pssst! Jenni, pssst!
Me: Go away Taylor! I'm trying to get some sleep!
Hero: But I have to talk to you…
Me: Not NOW! Sheez!
Hero: But, you never listen when you're awake. What with your kids running around and all, I hardly even get to talk to you.
Me: You shouldn't be talking to me now! You don't even exist, for crying out loud! Now, go away before my husband wakes up.
Hero: I can't. It's important! Very important.
Me: Too bad.
Hero: Man! Why do you have so many kids anyway? How do you think at all?
Me: Gee, life would be SO much easier if I could think normally…. Now, go away Taylor! I mean it!!
Husband: Wha—what'd you say?
Me: Oh, nothing honey… Just thinking out loud.
Husband: D-did you say something about going away?
Me: No, no… go back to sleep.
Husband: *yawn* o-oh, okay…grrizinnite…*yawn*
Hero: hehehehe!
Me: very funny!
Hero: see, you should've just listened to me.
Me: you're not leaving me alone until I do, are you?
Hero: nope.
Me: urgh! Fine. What do ya want?
Hero: it's about chapter five.
Me: chapter 5? What's wrong with 5?
Hero: I wouldn't do that.
Me: What? What do ya mean you wouldn't do it? You are doing it!
Hero: Keep your voice down, you're talking out loud again…
Me: urgh!
Hero: See, that's the thing… I don't want to do it… seriously, it's totally wimpy, you've gotta change it.
Me: No.
Hero: But I'm 18! Girls are going to be reading about me… I want them to like me! You can't have me do it! You've gotta change 5 for me, please???
Me: I would probably write better if I actually got some sleep at night!
Hero: Please?
Me: ugh! Will you leave me alone if I say I'll look at it?
Hero: yes.
Me: fine I'll look at it. Now, go away!
Hero: Thanks! You're awesome! Bye!
Me: *yawn* bye… *yawn*….finally…sleep…
Heroine: Psst… Jenni!.... Psst!... are you still awake?
Me: Huh? Chloe?
Heroine: yeah, it's me… I wanted to talk to you about chapter 5… Is now a good time?

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  1. Oh Jenni! The more involved with your stories I have become, the moer I realize that this isn't even a game! :) Haha! Someday, when you are done with these stories, you'll have peace in your head again. Oh, who are we kidding? No you won't! I guess you better get used to those voices! :) Good luck!