Tuesday, April 23, 2019


It's here! it's here! She's finally HERE!! Book Baby #50!!
Isn't she gorgeous? She's so much fun! I just love this adorable book. 
I hope you love her too! 

The best part about this book is that even though it's part of the Austen in Love Series, it's completely standalone. I'm introducing all new characters and you definitely don't need to read the other three books first. Here's the blurb!

Kathryn Morland is determined to escape the hardship of watching her mother’s decline with Alzheimer's. Her plan is to write a modern version of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. It's not until Heath Finnegan walks into the bookshop where she works that she realizes how horrible her book is. Well, maybe not the whole book—just the hero. 

Heath is the epitome of perfection, and Kathryn knows her novel won't sell unless she writes him into it, but she needs to spend more time with him to do it right. Accessing his social calendar on Facebook is easy. She just needs to show up at a few of his events, watch him from afar, and voila! She’ll have a bestseller.
It's not really stalking if it’s for research, right?

Here's the link! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Um, WOW! I have so much to share with you!

There is so much to be thankful for over at Serenity Brooke Cottage. 

We have had some very fun adventures. 

First off they finished Not Cinderella's Type the movie! 
It was released in Feb. 2018 on amazon prime. 
You can watch it here. 
It also got a brand new cover, with Paris Warner on it. 
Isn't it adorable? 


Also, I've had a few books come out that you may have missed. 
(Click on the pictures for the links!)

My writer's group released 
A Medley of Fairy Tales. Sept 2017
My story The Ugly Princess is in it!

I also released Lord Atten Meets His Match, Jan. 2018
My newest historical Regency book!
(So adorable! so funny! And as always, clean romantical escapism)

Medley of Fairy Tales and Fables Book 2 Sept 2018.
My story The Princess With the Golden Touch is in it!
(This is the third installment after Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk)

I've just barely released (Oct. 2018) The Light Princess

Thursday, July 13, 2017



They're actually filming RIGHT NOW!  As in I sneaked away from the set for a little bit so I can actually tell you about it!

And yeah, I'm pretty much freaking out. It's THAT awesome!

Young Indy at the birthday party where she gets her kitten! 

Indy making breakfast for aunt, uncle and cousins.

Aunt Clarise grilling Indy.

The best part is, I got to write the screenplay!  :)  As in I worked on it. The producers had some incredible ideas to expand scenes and the characters, so there's a lot of new added stuff for the movie. However, it doesn't compromise the book or characters, only enhances.

This movie is set for a digital release (hulu, amazon prime, netflix...) for Valentine's Day Feb. 2018. Meanwhile... other producers are looking at different screenplays (of my books) that I've written too. Maybe we'll see another movie soon!  Whoop!

Here they are filming in front of Indy's Aunt Clarise's house. (Stepmom)

Indy and Bryant walking home from school. 

Indy and Bryant at the park. 

Such gorgeous locations!!!

AND because I love giveaways... We're having the cast sign 6 copies of my book to be given away over the next few months.  So please like the Not Cinderella's Type facebook page and join the fun!
Go the the facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/NotCinderella/

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Changing Publishers...

I have a few publishers... but one I will miss very much.  I've loved working with them and was sad to hear that due to health reasons they're closing their doors. Happy they'll be healthy, but so sad to lose such an amazing publisher.

The past month we've been moving the fourteen books Trifecta Books published to Serenity Brooke Press. It's been a long haul. Mostly trying not to lose years of reviews and fixing now broken links, getting other sites to merge the newly uploaded books with the old ones.

So we decided to help out, we'd put all of the new links here in one place. Fourteen books. A new home with new buying links.  Click on the link below each picture to follow to amazon.  If you don't have a kindle... that's okay! You can download the kindle app for free to ANY device! Thank you for your patience as we start a new chapter with this fun career.  :)

Beauty IS the Beast

 Revitalizing Jane: Drowning

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beauty IS the Beast is HERE!

She's here!  She's here!  Book three of my Modern Fairy Tales!

Beauty IS the Beast

Beauty and the Beast meets Taming of the Shrew


And if you get a second, check out my totally AWESOME Book Trailer for the Book!

When Arabella Mercedes Monroe first learns she's won Senior State Representative for the state of Colorado, she's ecstatic. She'll be attending swanky events all over the state, doing press releases and news interviews. What's not to love? Until she finds out she has to share the limelight with major nerd Brockton Davis. How will she ever survive being shackled with him the whole year?

Brockton Davis can't stand preppy princesses who think they're better than everyone. He’ll guarantee Arabella gets knocked down a peg or two, and learn a few choice life lessons about being nice to others--even if it kills him. And being with her all year just might.

Beauty and the Beast meets Taming of the Shrew in this modern heartfelt clean teen retelling. This is book three of the Jenni James Modern Fairy Tales, followed by bestselling Not Cinderella's Type and Sleeping Beauty: Back to Reality.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Princess and the Pea is HERE!!


LOOKIE!  LOOKIE!!  She's beautiful!  She's fun! 

Check her out live! HERE!

And she's finally here.  I hope you love her as much as I do. 

I thought I'd show you her fun twitter meme too!  Love this. :)

 And here's the blurb:


When Princess Kyra's coach is overturned by bandits, she is forced to flee for her very life during a raging storm. Thankfully, Kyra discovers a castle and is hopeful that the kingdom might give her the shelter she desperately seeks. However, as she approaches, a guard arrives with the matching horse from her carriage, Kyra is frightened all over again and cautiously presents herself as a commoner named Marie.

The queen is not convinced Marie is merely a commoner and commands her son, Prince David, to entertain and woo the girl until the truth comes out. There is intrigue afoot in the kingdom, and the queen is bound and determined to see if this mysterious girl had anything to do with it. 

With Prince David gleaning the truth, what could go wrong? No one could have expected him to fall for the bedraggled princess, least of all Kyra! 


Fifi rated it (FIVE STARS) it was amazing

I am new to Jenni James' work (in fact, the first one I read was earlier today so this is only the second novella by her that I've read). I had her frog prince retelling novella on my kindle app for months and I finally read it today. I enjoyed it and I loved the fairytale world her story wove, so I immediately looked into reading another Jenni James book. And this one was even better!

Princess Kyra is traveling to a kingdom by the sea because she is hoping to secure an alliance with the prince there, and if they end up being compatible, a possible marriage. On the way there, her carriage is overtaken by bandits and her guards urge her to ride away to safety. She finds safety in the castle of the kingdom, where she meets the charming Prince David.

Kyra wonders if the royal family were involved with the bandits that overtook her carriage, so she lies and says that she is a commoner named Marie. It does not take long for the queen to figure out that Kyra is lying (she does not act or dress like a commoner) and is immediately suspicious of her. She asks David to spend time with her to see if he can figure out what she is hiding/who she is.

Parts I liked the most:
I have a weakness for world building in fairytale novels. I think it is because I love fairytales so much that I want to live in one, so the more descriptions I get of the fairytale kingdoms, the better. For me, a good fairytale novel is one that makes me want to live in it. This novella doesn't disappoint.

Indeed, the castle looked triumphant and shimmered beautifully with its white stone walls, blue slate turrets, and stained glass windows.

"I cannot believe this is the same palace I found last night! Why, it is positively enchanting!" Miss Marie was bent over awkwardly, gazing out of the carriage window in such a way, she could see upwards as well as directly in front. "I have never seen it's equal. Truly your family must be exceptionally proud to own such a place."

And if that isn't enough, the kingdom is described as a prosperous one where the people are happy and well provided for, due to the generosity of a kind king and Queen. The royal family is kind and generous to all, regardless of social status.

"It was an easy trot through the streets of the village, dodging happy people and fascinating sights of families laughing and speaking with one another. She could tell this kingdom was peaceful. Perhaps as peaceful and kind as their royal family appeared to be."

How much more perfect can this book setting get? This fairytale world is a dream come true!

Kyra and David fall in love fairly quickly, but in this case, it does not seem to be something that happens out of the blue. I wouldn't even call it instalove, because it somehow all makes sense. Without spoiling anything, when Kyra and David first spend time together, he is immediately drawn to her kind and enthusiastic spirit. She handled things so well with such a good attitude that I understand how the prince would have immediately been fascinated after just one day.

"Of course not. How could we feel put upon with such happiness around us?"

She looked over the land and then nodded.

"Your kingdom is a very happy one."

When her gaze met his again, he said simply, "I was referring to you."

My second favorite part, after the world building, was the dynamic between Kyra and David. He is wary at first but her enthusiasm and good spirited nature soon wins him over.

He would defend her and protect her until his last breath. No matter what the outcome, David vowed in the wee hours of the morning to love her forever.

A handsome and doting prince in a perfect fairytale kingdom? It doesn't get any better than this!

Parts I didn't like
Literally nothing. My only complaint was that this is only a novella and I want more from this fairytale world. I hope that Jenni writes more in this series that references these characters and kingdoms, and that the rest of the series takes place in the same world. Preferably with cameos from Kyra and David.

I am officially a fan of Jenni James and I now have to go read her other fairytale novellas. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get lost in a fairytale kingdom for a while!

Read the first few chapters in the LOOK INSIDE feature on amazon!  

And here is a sneak peek at the books being worked on now!

What am I working on now? 

EDITING! Will be out SOON!
Standalone book of fun true stories of my life.

Beauty and the Beast meets Taming of the Shrew
My third Modern Fairy Tale

WRITING: Lord Atten is definitely one of my favorite heroes. *Swoon*
My third Regency Romance 

Saturday, December 31, 2016


So first off.  Happy New Year!! I hope 2017 finds you happy and well, and may your new year be full of fun surprises.

For Christmas this year, my amazingly hunky hubby created a brand new website for me.  We had someone else working on it--and hoped to have it out by the summer--when that didn't work, my hubby went to work.

Are you ready?  It's like--WOW!  I'm not kidding.  I was so blown away.  And I finally have a place that has ALL MY BOOKS.  And they're all nice and organized too.  He's just awesome.

Drum roll please...


Did you see what he did there?  I have a new website and everything.  THE JENNI JAMES.  Haha.

Which also means I've finally got my fanmail up and running again.

(If you'd like to say hello and drop a line-- email me: thejennijames@gmail.com or snail mail. I love that too! --Mailing address is on the homepage of my new sparkly website!)

So while all of this has been in the works--we were debating muchly about this blog.  In the end, I've decided to keep it.  And continue to use it as another landing spot.  But, if you really, really want to know what's going on with me, check out thejennijames.com, because that's where stuff will be revealed first.  Or my newsletter.  Have you signed up for my newsletter?  Click here. Do this thing. Greatness will happen.


Did you know I went to the Kingdom of Tonga (think Disney's Muana!) in September and did school visits, and teacher training classes, and writing classes..? It was so much fun.  And I'm going back. I have to. I still have a ton more schools to visit over there.  And the snorkeling!  I've never, ever snorkeled in such a magical place before!  Stunning.  (Pics and post to come!)


I've been busy this year!  Here are the NEW 2016 PUBLISHED books I haven't told you about.  They are also wonderful and fun and you have to read them.  Have to.  Have I mentioned yet how excited I am to have an online presence again?  Okay. I digress.  I'll just stick these new covers right here... ahem. Aren't they gorgeous?  Click on any picture and it'll take you straight to amazon.

 Captain Hook

 Sleeping Beauty


Other books coming out in 2017?

Beauty IS the Beast (Modern Fairy Tales)
The Revitalizing Jane Series, 2017 is the #YearofJane
More Regency Romance
Princess and the Pea (from The Faerie Tale Collection)
*grins*  Really, go check out the website... I think you'll be surprised. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CAPTAIN HOOK First Chapter

 Here is a sneak peek to book three of the Neverland Series. You don't have to read Peter Pan or Return to Neverland first, but they complement each other nicely.  Don't you just LURVE this cover? He is coming VERY SOON!  (crossing my fingers for the end of the week!)

by Jenni James
THE HONORABLE MISS YVETTE Novalie walked into her third-story room at the boarding house for young ladies who lived in London. It was a quaint little place, perfect for her when she was not working as a nurse at the hospital. She had completed her studies top of her class at her school for girls in Salisbury, and so impressed her teacher that she was hired as soon as she graduated.
Miss Novalie was one of the privileged few young ladies who had the opportunity to work as something beyond a mere seamstress, lady’s maid, or dreadful factory worker. Indeed, she was quite proud of all she had accomplished, and was grateful for every opportunity granted these past twelve years.
Yvette had no family except an aunt who still lived in Salisbury. An aunt who greatly disapproved of her lifestyle choices—all young ladies should be married.
But it did not matter, for Yvette was often so busy, she did not have time to dilly-dally in small talk with men. In fact, there were few who could keep her interest longer than a quarter of an hour, but never mind any of that. Today, Miss Novalie was particularly excited as she walked into her little yellow rented room and flung her pelisse and gloves upon the bed.
Promoted! As assistant head nurse! Why, she was only twenty-eight, and already seen as a professional in her vocation. Everything she had been planning, all those hard years were finally coming together. Her heart beat in glee at the thought.
Though she had no one to share the news with, it did not matter overly much. This was 1910, the dawning of a new age for women in England, and she was living proof of it. Oh, goodness, how grateful she was to be part of this time and world! How—
Suddenly, Miss Novalie felt a sharp tug upon her shoulders as if someone pulled her backward. Startled, she looked around, but no one was there. Then her hips began to twitch toward the left and then right. What was happening? Lunging forward, she clutched the small dresser in her room and then pulled the thing all the way to her bed as she was dragged by some invisible force.
Horrifying black smoke began to pool at her feet and slowly rise to engulf her. Panic forced air from her throat, and she found she could not scream louder than a small gasp. The smoke started to swirl and then tug at her skirts until she began to twirl as well. It felt as though she were in her own mini whirlwind of some sort. Round and round she fearfully went, bumping here and there against her bed and wall and dresser, until finally her petrified throat opened and she screamed.
Just then, a flash of blinding light erupted from above her and she went hurling into a vortex of brightness—an array of several colors. Never had she experienced such dizzying pain. It felt as if her insides were being torn out of her and her outsides being shoved in. For what seemed like several minutes, she was forced through this agony, and wham! She slammed down upon a hard dirt floor in a darkened room that stank of smoke.
“Ohhh…” she groaned as she attempted to roll over. Where was she?
“Are you all right?” asked a distinctly deep male voice, one she could not place for the life of her.
Yvette glanced around, and finally her eyes adjusted to the dark enough to make out a pair of black knee-high boots. They were folded at the top like an old-fashioned uniform, as if someone were in costume.
“Indeed, you do not look well. I am so sorry you were brought here this way, but I had no choice.”
Brought here? Someone purposely brought her here? Had she been kidnapped? Yvette turned more fully and took the hand the man offered. Slowly, she came to a sitting position, her rump still upon the hard dirt ground. Every bone in her body ached, and yet the man would not stop talking long enough for her to get her bearings.
“I am definitely excited to meet you. Indeed, I have wondered for several days what you would look like—never in my life did I expect to see such a beautiful woman before me.”
Ugh. He was one of those men. Yvette pushed her hair off her face and gazed into the most dangerously beautiful eyes she had ever beheld. They were dark blue and mysterious, with flecks of greeny-blue seafoam in them as they flickered in the light. She caught her breath. This was certainly no gentleman. With his rugged looks and odd clothing, he was not a man to be trusted. He must be a theatrical player of some sort—perhaps the opera. And now he believed he could do whatever he wanted.
“Would you like to sit down on a log?” He patted a spot next to him. “Indeed, you do not need to be upon the ground.” His hand went to help her up farther, and Yvette pushed him away.
“Do not touch me!” She glared, and then all of her years of working with pompous men who thought women beneath them came back in full force. “I am not someone who can be taken at will by boorish men. Who are you? Where am I? And what demented, tormented soul led you to believe that bringing me to this place was a good idea?”
His eyes searched hers for a moment. He was a man who engaged easily in fighting, she could tell by his stance and the way he reacted to her speech. The rugged mouth formed a wary grin as he attempted to appease her. “I am Captain James T. Hook. At your service, miss.”
“Captain?” He no sooner looked like a respectable captain then she did a mermaid. She moved away from him. “And just where am I?”
“You are in a tent. A native’s tent. The chief has walked out to give us some privacy.”
“I refuse to have privacy with the likes of you!” Pain or not, she shot up to her feet and raised a fist. Years as a nurse gave her strength many women would never know. It was not an easy task to restrain patients and force them to accept their treatments. One had to be sharp and strong, and a blow to the head a time or two did not go amiss.
The man rose too, his hands out, attempting to placate her. “I promise I will not touch you. I am not here to harm you, or any such thing.”
“What chief do you speak of? Where in London are there chiefs? The chief of police?”
“You are in Neverland, my dear. And I brought you here to remove a curse you placed on me years ago. Do you remember? Am I somewhat familiar to you at all?”
“Mr. Hook, I do not know what asylum you have escaped from, but perhaps it is best you return. I have never placed a curse on anyone before, and I certainly have never met you. Now, kindly take me back to London where I belong.”
“’Twas you! It was. Or you would not have been summoned here. It must be you.” The captain lurched forward to grab her shoulder, but met a strong fist to the mouth instead.
“Do not touch me!” She hit him in his cheek once more with the same fist and then again with the other.
He stumbled backward and held his face.
It was then that she noticed the large hook protruding from his wrist where his hand should be. It was terrifying! “Sir, I demand you return me back home at once.”
“I cannot, you blasted girl.” He sat down and rubbed his mouth. “You are here for the next three days, and then you will go back.”
“What? You must be jesting. I cannot be here three days. I will be certainly missed.”
“It is part of your curse—it has nothing to do with me. I did not make the rules. You are the witch who caused all of this anyway.”
“Witch?” How mad had this man become? “For the last time, I am not the woman who placed an enchantment on you, and I have no notion of what you speak. However, I completely understand why such a curse was used on you. I have not been in your vicinity two minutes, and already I am willing to plant you another facer.”
“Oh, no.” Mr. Hook shook his head from side to side. “Of course it wasn’t you. I had not thought of the time I have been here.” He glanced up at her. “What year is it in London?”
She blinked, yet another reason to believe he should be locked away. “Nineteen ten. Why?”
He sat up and began to mumble and count to himself, and then all at once, he smiled a devastatingly handsome smile. “You must be her great-great-granddaughter! She’s dead, and so the curse brought the next best thing. You!”
Suddenly, Yvette became rigid as a legend as ancient as it was preposterous came to perk itself into remembrance again. Something her mother had told her, and her mother before her. The tale of an evil blackguard. Very cautiously, she began to walk toward a small fire blazing in the large tent. Her heart plummeted to her feet as her hands instinctively began to form fists once more. And then, as a roaring of anger flashed through her, she hissed, “So you are the infamous Captain James Hook! The stories are true?”
“I am proud to hear that my fame is still being discussed.”
He smugly bowed before her, and she glanced around the room for any type of weapon she could find. The closest thing at hand was a burning log that had an untarnished end pointed directly toward her. Yvette picked it up and brandished the thing between them like a sword. “Choose your weapon, because I am here to guarantee you perish!”
Return to Neverland Buy Here
Peter Pan Buy Here

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Bluestocking and the Dastardly, Intolerable Scoundrel!

She's Here!  She's Here!  Not only does she have a super long title--which had to be, come on! it's such a FUN TITLE--she's also as fun as her title is too.  I'm so excited about this new turn in my writing career.  Can't believe I'm actually writing Regency Romance.
Seriously, my mom should be proud of me. :)

I hope you love this book as much as I do.


Just Published: The Bluestocking and the... (Regency)
Just Finished: Captain Hook (Faerie Tale Collection) (Editing Now)
Currently Writing: Lord Romney's Exquisite Widow (Regency)
Up Next: The Princess and the Pea (Faerie Tale Collection)

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Peter Pan   Return to Neverland

First off, I'm so excited to show off my new books!  This is a mini-series within the Faerie Tale Collection. (That now has 13 books!) Peter Pan came out last summer, Return to Neverland came out January and now Captain Hook (Stonehouse Ink) should be out later this month!!

Jane & Bingley    My Pride, His Prejudice
 Then after popular demand (a TON of emails asking for it!) I wrote the sequel to
My Pride, His Prejudice. Now you get Jane & Bingley's story. Which is so fun!  And I'm so grateful I listened and wrote it.  The next in the Austen in Love Series (Trifecta Books) is: My Persuasion, that book will be out Thanksgiving this year.

Not Cinderella's Type
 Not Cinderella's Type was book baby #26!  She was released at the end of February (Trifecta Books) and is such a fun contemporary Cinderella.  I hope you love her!

 And now for my most EXCITING announcement this year... I'm starting a new Regency series through Trifecta Books!  The first one, The Bluestocking and the Dastardly, Intolerable Scoundrel will be releasing NEXT WEEK!
Stay tuned I have so much more awesomeness to come!