Friday, January 23, 2009

OMGosh! It's ME! LOL!

Eeeeeh! Okay, so I've been living under a rock for the last eight years. I really have. For those of you who don't know, I've been living overseas. Which while extremely cool and always exciting, I tend to miss out on the basic fundamental things ya'll Americans get to enjoy regularly. Like, I will NEVER take Walmart & Target for granted, ever again, American Restaurants--nuff said, The ability to watch a movie THE DAY IT'S RELEASED! LOL! *sigh* still bitter over Twilight... Oh! But the number one thing ya'll take for granted, but never knew it was, listening to REAL music.

Yeah, Europe is cool and all... and they've introduced me to some great songs and artists... and for that I'll be eternally grateful, but can't I have it all? I miss my American Music too!

So, that particular rant was all due to the fact, that it's over a year old and I've never heard this song until last night. My hubby stumbled across it. LOL! I LAUGHED so hard i was almost crying! It's me! It's ME!!!! LOL! Ya'll think I'm sooo much cooler than I am! LOL! So I just had to share! Hehehehe! Please watch and laugh with me! I LOVE to laugh! hahahah!

If you're American you can watch this video here.

But if you're one of my European readers (hi guys!) I'm sorry, but you'll have to follow this link to Youtube. (YES, Sad but true, I can't watch my own video from my blog, I have to follow the Link! LOL!)
Come on, admit it! You totally thought I was cooler than I was! LOL! I'm still laughing! I LOVE this video! heheheh!


  1. You make me laugh so hard!! I love you Jenni! Thanks for the laughs!!

  2. *fingers in ears* Not listening to that song. You ARE cool. :)

  3. THat is too funny- I thought you guys were up with the times over there! That video is like one of my favorites!!!! So i am glad ou finally discovered it! YEah... love it!

  4. Jason Alexander and William Shatner in the same video? Awesome. I love William Shatner--Denny Crane. (have you ever seen Boston Legal? Funny!) Anyway, so cool. And I didn't realize you were making up your whole life for us. You mean you really don't have six kids? You were just saying that to be cool?

  5. I love this song! I have the marching band part at the end as a ringtone for my drummer son.

    Yeah....I'm so much cooler online too! Yay for the internet!

  6. I love Brad Paisley! and his videos with Jason Alexander and William Shatner are the best.

    I've heard that shopping over there can be very inconvenient. We're really, really spoiled here. But you have cool stuff like writing class at the Burghley House, so, uh, trade-offs.

    I'd wager that you are at least as cool in person.

  7. I showed hubby that video last night after you showed me yesterday. We were laughing SO hard--and seriously, YouTube is like the black hole... once you enter the site is very likely you will never come back out. ;) LOL

  8. Tiffany--Hahah! ME too!

    Regina!--Thanks! I love you too! and you're more than welcome! LOL!

    Angie--Take them out! Take them out! LOL! It's all true! Why doesn't anyone believe me??? LOL!

  9. Melissa--LOL! Yeah, no. Europe is about 4 years behind everyone else, I promise!

    Melissa M--Glad you liked it!

    Kasie--LOL! Since you'll be my first online friend to actually meet me and my family... I'll let you keep the happy illusion that i only have uh--three kids! Yeah, three kids sounds normal, right? LOL

  10. Erica--I love the marching band too! It's soo cool! And I so hear you about the internet! LOVE IT!

    Lotus--OK, OK, I give! I get to see amazing things and go to amazing houses, it's true, but I will be happy to finally head back to the states in June!

    Jenn--OMGOSH! I'm so addicted to youtube you have NO IDEA! LOL! It's sad really. I think I need some sort of youtube outreach hotline or something! LOL!