Sunday, March 1, 2009


Prince Tennyson is DONE!!! Book #6!!! Can I just say... I'm amazed! Shocked! Astounded! And truly, truly blessed to have had the experience to become a writer the past 11 months. Seriously. It has been an incredible journey! I've had many, many people ask me just what keeps me going and what my typical day is like. So I've thought about it, and I've decided to share. But honestly, I'm not sure if it will shed some light on anything... but if it helps you guys in anyway then here goes:

5:45-6:00am = Do my daughters' hair for school. While Dad gets the 2 boys up and the first round of laundry started. (yes, my hubby does laundry)

6:15am= try to go back to sleep, unless my new WIP (Work in Progress) is speaking, then sneak downstairs and write 600-1,000 Words. Say hi to Kasie West who is awake in CA working on her WIP (whatever new book it is at the moment) listen to her chide me for being awake so early and then read her new stuff and tell her how great it is!

7:30=fall asleep at the computer (LOL!) and say goodbye to Kasie and sneak off to bed.

9:30-10:00am= Wake up for real this time, change from my robe to Tshirt and yoga pants, get my youngest ones up (if they don't wake me up first) tell my 5 year old that he can make breakfast today (seriously, he makes me and chloe toast every morning and gets her milk ready)

10:15=Start educational movie for my kids.. like Dora! LOL! Run through my emails from yahoo and my website (start answering) Then time to read anyone else's WIP's that have come in through the night and give comments on them. (Editor, Cheerleader whatever.)

11:30=Break time... hang with the kids... snuggle with them, read to them, watch Thomas the tank engine.. LOL! Get them to pick up toys.

12:00=Nap time for baby. Start visiting blogs and writing responses. If I feel like it I post something new on my blog. (Like today! LOL!) If not, then I use this time to read my own book and what I've written so far and edit from the day before. Or do my rewriting on my other books and edit for my Agent.. depending on what she needs, and what i feel like working on.

2:00= Lunch time (Yes, I know we eat late! But we get up late!) More snuggles and time for toys and drawing. They do this right next to me in the conservatory.

3:00=Finally! I can work on my own book and actually WRITE in it. YAY! I say a quick prayer (To make sure I'm channelling right) and go to work. <--In between countless IM's from my writer friends where I catch up on their lives I write about 600 to 1,000 words and send it to them amid death threats usually if I don't! LOL!

5:00= Dad is back from the base with the kids... Chaos resumes!

5:30-8:00/8:30=is family time. The only thing I do during this time is check my email and answer a few IM's as I walk past. Kirsten, my totally awesome agent, ALWAYS writes during family time... LOL! So it's my excuse to check in. I also call my mom in the states and check in.

The next three hours are making sure dishes are done, food is made, kids are clean, chores are done, and everyone is loved! LOL! We read our family scriptures and say our family prayer and get the older four off to bed, with school clothes laid out and ready for the next morning.

8:30-11:00= I IM on yahoo chat, read more blogs and leave comments, read more WIP chapters from my writing friends and comment, answer emails as they come in, and write, write, write on my book.

11:00=Time to get the younger two to bed. Pretend like I'm going to sleep too. Turn off all the lights and say prayers and goodnight kisses and then sneak back down.

11:00- (12, 1, 2, 3am) This is were it gets really bad. If I'm in a zone and a scene is coming to me... I take off. And I write until it stops. There have been more nights than I'm willing to mention that I've looked up and seen the time and went DANG! But, in my defense, I have tried to go to bed earlier and i kid you not, if I don't write my scene down that's attacking me... then it keeps me awake ALL NIGHT LONG.. until I finally, VERY sleep deprived at this point sneak down and write it out. So I've learned, if I'm in the zone, write it.

So that is it. That's my crazy life and schedule so far. I haven't written out my weekends, which involve church and family stuff... but you get the idea. I never, ever write in my book (WIP) on Sundays. It's my day off. Instead, I read other writer friends' stuff, or I read a real, live book! LOL! Or do nothing writing related at all! I know, gasp, right? LOL! Anyway, I chose not to write on Sunday, since I figure I'm channelling these books and the Lord is giving them to me, AND I want to make money off of them--I better be a good girl and give Him his sabbath day back. Which, all in all seems to be working really well for me. I give the Lord every Sunday... he gives me at least 1,000K of words to write the other days... (Most days much more!)

Well, I hope this helps. Totally boring, I know... But, maybe you can find a missing link in there that I'm not seeing.


  1. Britain's own Energizer Bunny at the keyboard! LOL. You're doing great, and your dedication to giving back Sundays AND helping others is paying off. *sending admiration and some melatonin* hehe

  2. I'm exhausted just reading it! And I thought I was spending too much time at the computer... x

  3. I've had quite an adjustment writing with just one in the house - and you do six. Wow, you're my hero!

    Thanks for the comments over at Wendword - made my day!

  4. hmmm, that sounds like my schedule, except where it says Kasie, insert the name, Jenni. LOL I'm so glad I'm part of your daily schedule, you keep me motivated. And yes, get to bed you crazy girl. Oh wait, it's only 8pm for you, I'll wait until later to start the scolding session.

  5. Wow! I always knew you had a crazy life, but not putting kids to bed until 11!! I am so impressed that you can write so much! I was talking to Mark on facebook and I really hope you get published so you guys can buy a house!! Good luck!

  6. Okay, I don't know how to do math. LOL It was only 6pm for you. Whatever.

  7. Wow--you start really early and stay up that late! wow!! No wonder you get so much done--you pack your day full!

  8. Angie--You little devil.. Melatonin! LOL! Muhahaha! Your evil curses will not work on me..!

    Jinksy--LOL! I got exhausted typing it! LOL! And I've come to realize I'm sooo addicted to the computer. sad really.

    Weston--LOL! Ack! Not, hero! Anything but that... and one is hard! LOL! That's the secret, if you have more they help each other. You're more than welcome for the comments. Love your blog! You've just made my blogroll.

  9. Kasie--LOL! Glad you're glad! LOL! Now more of FATED please.. dying here!

    Regina--Gasp! I know, i'm so getting the mother of the year award! LOL! In my defence, I've decided to look at putting them to bed at 11 as helping them with Jet lag! LOL! Or saving their lives by allowing me to sleep longer in the morning... either or, it's a win-win! LOL! i hope I get published too, but I doubt i'll get anywhere near enough for a house! LOL!

    Terri--LOL! it's not as early as it seems... Just sometimes I can't go back to sleep after the girls' hair... even then, I usually stay up long enough to write a few hundred words then i head back to bed again! lOL!

  10. Your days are crazy! Never ending something. I'm glad you're getting you 1K a day. That's fantastic. I see essentially you don't sleep much.

  11. This sounds oddly familiar... except with less children LOL

    :) yeah, we're all insane. Isn't it awesome? :P

  12. Hey, congrats on finishing another book!!! That's so exciting!

    Also, I thought it was awesome to read about your average day! It's always fun to compare lives. lol :)

  13. Can I borrow the prayer before writing ritual from you? I think that might help me too.

    Your daily schedule sounds crazy and in the same time very satisfying and full of love.

  14. Lois-LOL! Believe it or not I usually get around 8 hours a night.. I consider that lucky considering my crazy writing schedule... And thanks! 1k really goes a long way to getting a book written! LOL!

    Jenn--Yeah, it's insanely Awesome! I love/hate it so much, I'm gonna do it again! LOL! Must finish Mansfield Ranch! Yikes!

    Renee--YAY! Thanks! I'm so excited you have no idea! LOL! Glad you enjoyed it.. it's always nice to know there's crazier people out there, huh? LOL!

    Lori--YES! Use it! LOL! It's sooo awesome, and really keeps me in the zone. It also make for an easier rewrite/editing afterwards, so praying is just awesome.
    and thanks!

  15. It helps me to see how busy you are! Amazing:)

  16. Debbie--LOL! I feel so lazy since I never leave the house! I'm just grateful I have something to occupy me! (at least, I'm learning to be grateful for it! LOL!)

  17. Jenni, wow! I'm so impressed! I wish I could be as "routine" as that. I am, in my own ways, but I don't have the same output as you. Thank you for being so honest and modest about it.

    Congrats on book 6! And blessings from here on out.

  18. It always interests me to see other writer's habits. I'm not as organized or regular as you are about my day, but I only have one kid, so that means everything is more flexible. I also like my sleep way to much to stay up so late. I'm a zombie without at least 7 or 8 hrs. I don't know how you do it!! I think Angie's right, you really are the Energizer Bunny!!

  19. That is one crazy busy life you have. I guess you really are super woman because I don't know many people that could do that and still be alive and happy. I'm glad that you mentioned how you save one day for the Savior. I am sure he is one mega-tron of a helper on some days. Ha. You go girl!!! Seriously, you do. Congrats on your new book being done. Like I said, I need some of what ever you are taking. Let me know so I can buy some asap. :)

  20. Okay, so weird, but I get attacked too! The sad thing is that I'm always already ASLEEP when it happens. It's a pain because I have to fumble around in the dark for the notebook and pen I usually keep close by, sloppily write it down (usually with my eyes closed) and the fall back into bed. Only to wake up a couple hours later hating the decision I made to have an 8:00a.m. class. But what can you do? lol. Usually night is when my characters are shouting at me...all I want to do is sleep! But you understand that! lol.

  21. Thanks for keeping up with me even when I have been silent! Your schedule does make my head spin...I think I need to go to yoga twice!:)