Saturday, May 16, 2009

Awards & Blogging LOVE!

I was very blessed to not only be awarded with this award once... but TWICE! Thank you so much, Debra & Amber! I love reading your blogs! They bring smiles to me everyday. I'm extremely flattered and humbled to receive this from each of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And as you can see... it is decorating my blog as I type!
So you know what this means, right? I get to award this award to twice as many of my favorite blogs! YAY! If you get a chance go and check them out... I love, love, love reading blogs. I find them so fascinating and fun and purely enjoyable! So without further ado... I present you with the One Lovely Blog Award.

This award is for 10 new blogs (which means 20) that I have stumbled across that I would like to present and here they are in no, particular order:

1. She presents drama fit for a queen! Love your blog!
2. She presents an adventure in every post! So Exciting!
3. An amazing mom raising four boys, and a wonderful advocate for down syndrome! Love you!
4. A young wife living her dream on her own & also teaching herself how to run marathons! You inspire me!
5. A busy mom and new writer with dreams and speed as fast as mine! LOL! Plus a real sweetheart.
6. High School teacher with amazing insights and the ability to post more than one blog a day.. bow to your expertise at blogdom!
7. Super cute, fun mommy writer who's also a dead ringer for Kristen Stewart (you know, bella in Twilight!)
8. Fun, make you laugh girl--with a bit of the wildside! LOL!
9. A writer and mom who's posts make me smile, giggle, and snort! Thanks Patti.
10. An amazing mom and deep thinking blog full of poetry, prose and poise.. Love your blog!
11. Mom, blogger, writer, with incredible insight on her writer journey--oh! And the PRETTIEST blog background ever--very talented!
12. gorgeous mom of 5--author, editor, writer--who has some of the most amusing tweets in the the twittersphere!
13. This girl is funny! And wickedly talented with her photoshop abilities--also mom and writer! LOL!
14. One of the classiest ladies on the web--and a gal after my own heart, since I LOVE to read historical novels!
15. Amazing photographer, blogger, writer & book reviewer, her blog delights me every time I read it!
16. A wonderful, deep compelling blog, with a wicked sense of humor! Love your blog!
17. No she's not crazy, but she'll sure make you laugh! Love your blog!
18. This girl rocks the writing world! Her posts are filled with amazing writing ideas, and subjects. if you're a writer check her out!
19. Cute crafting mom with lots of ideas and full of life & energy!
20. new blogger, awesome writer, beta reader, and friend!

These are just a sample of the amazing blogs I've stumbled across recently! Thank you, for letting me pass the word and love along. And oh yeah, you now get the wonderful honor of distributing to your ten favorite new blogs!

Plus, if you get the chance, go add these gals to your blogreel, you won't regret it!

PS Also, head over to Debra's blog and celebrate her 100th post with her! She's giving away BORDER'S GIFT CARDS! How awesome is that, right?


  1. Congratulations, JJ. A double award most deserved! :)

  2. Your blog is great! That's why you got the award twice! Thanks for the nomination!! I love you Jenni!!

  3. Congrats! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  4. Aww! Thanks for the nomination! You are awesome. :)

  5. Jenni -- No, YOU are the real sweetheart! I stand in amazement.. okay, so I mostly sit, but I'm still completely in awe of your ability and generosity!
    Now, it's midnight on this side of the pond, so good night, Ms. Fabulous! Keep blogging...


  6. Congratulations, Jenni. And thank you so much! Lots of love! Lori

  7. Congrats to you -- definitely deserved, I might add.

    And thank you so much for the shout out -- I'm in really great company here!

  8. Thank you, Jenni. I'm humbled : ) You are such a gem : ) : ) : ) xxKLo

  9. Thank you Jenni! Wow... I'm speechless and that doesn't happen often. Seriously, you made me smile! Thanks. And thanks Crystal too (it's nice to have cheerleader now and then) : )

    Now I have lots of blogs add to my roll. : )

  10. First, Congrats to you! Second, thank you for including me in the group! Huge surprise smile this morning for me. Good way to start a Monday morning~
    And wow, look at all those links I get to go check out. It's like a link jackpot :o)

  11. Jenni, thank you so much! I really appreciate your kudos. :)

  12. Thanks for the honor. I'll be stopping by the other winners and taking a look at their award winning blogs.