Monday, December 14, 2009

CONTEST: Want Chocolate? How about yummy BRITISH Chocolate???

Okay, so I admit it. First off, yes I did horde some of my most favorite British chocolate when I moved here. Hey, a girl needs her stash! And secondly, I'm extremely desperate at the moment or would not be seeking your help and using such an enticing prize... Just sayin...

I have the WORLD'S greatest chocolate bar waiting for anyone who can help me... And yes, I've tried just about EVERY chocolate bar ever made. This is the BEST!!! It will be delivered straight to your door, for your personal consumption. Or if you're feeling generous your significant other may have a small nibble, as well. You never know, there might be a few crumbs left in the packaging for them...

WARNING: When you eat this mouth-watering, temptingly luscious chocolate, you will never, EVER look at Hershey's the same again. You must enter the contest at your own chocolate-fetish risk!
I need a new series title. My publisher thinks that The Austen Series is too boring.
As many of you know, I'm rewriting all 6 of the Jane Austen novels and modernizing them for teens. We need a new series name. It can't put off the major Austen fans either... The best I could come up with is American Austen Series, since all 6 of the books take place in the US. Yes, yes, I know... totally boring, right? HELP ME PLEASE!!! If one of your titles is chosen you will receive--no matter how much this may kill me--one of the coveted Galaxy bars mentioned above.
These are the titles of my books, just to give you an idea:
Northanger Alibi
Pride & Popularity
Mansfield Ranch
Sensible & Sensational
Good-luck. And may the BEST chocolate lover win!
PS If you're not a chocoholic, this will make an AWESOME gift... but you didn't hear it from me!


  1. I'm terrible with titles. How about The Austen Chronicles - American Style.

    I totally understand about British chocolate. I have a UK story in my small town and they sell all kinds of great chocolate.

  2. I'm not even going to enter, only commiserate. I have a 3-novel romance series I'm writing currently and both the series as a whole and each individual book are untitled. Sure, I can write the novels but I can't name them. It's sad. I feel your pain. And I don't even have any nifty English chocolate to bribe people with!

  3. Jenni --
    I'm not even going to pretend these are any good, but maybe they'll give you something to work with! Good luck. Titles are crazy-making.

    Austen-tatious Stories?
    The Austen Makeover Series
    Across the Pond: Austen in America
    Ostensibly Austen (sorry, love that alliteration)
    The J.A.H.S. Yearbooks (Jane Austen High School)

    Okay, I'm getting punchy. Some of these are very bad... but who knows?

  4. Austen-US
    Bringing Austen into the 21st Century
    Rocking Jane Austen
    Austen Rocks America
    Austen Rocks US

    These are sounding more like advertising than series titles. Hmm. I may have to think about this for a while. I would question if Austen has to be in the series title. Maybe it should though. Hmmm.
    I'm thinking. If I come up with something else I'll let you know.

  5. Girls these are better than my Pregnant brain can come up with at the moment! THANK YOU!!!

    And you're right, you never know...

  6. "Antics of Austenites"
    That's as good as I've got after a long day at work, right before Christmas break...
    Yes, we DO need to get together, preferrably soon! :) And I would love to have you come speak to my kids sometime...our school is always looking for authors to come talk too. We'll have to work something out, for sure! :)

  7. I can't think of any (you know how bad I am with titles) but I'm digging Nikki's. I like: The Austen Yearbooks. It makes it sound High School. The other suggestions were good too.

  8. Ok, here's a funny one, I'll come up with some good ones later.

    Like, Totally Jane!

  9. Okay...I'm gonna try my hand at this.

    "Jane Austen: American Style"

    Well...there you have it. If I think of anything else...I'll be sure to post. Have fun!

  10. I like Chronicles of Austenland-Made in the USA. (Pick me! Pick me!) I just love chocolate!

  11. I'm good at this, I swear! Just because my series is called "The Consellation Series" doesn't mean I'm boring. No, really. It's not just because I love chocolate. I can do this! ...think, dammit, think!

    How about:
    Remodeling Jane (get it? Because it's a play on Becoming Jane? Yeah, I know. It's crap. I'll have to eat some chocolate and be inspired... be back later).


  12. How about:

    The Modern Works of Jane Austen:
    An American Tale by Jenni James

    That's all I got. I totally SUCK at titles.

  13. Jane: The Early Years

    Livin' in America: The Jane Austen Chronicles

    High School Jane

    That's about as good as it's going to get from THIS pregnancy brain!

    Good luck in your search...
    Love ya!

  14. WOW! These are so much better than what I was coming up with! Seriously. Nothing is bad here. None of it. You guys are awesome! Plus, you never know what they'll choose!

  15. Austentacious

    That's all I've got for the moment. If anything else hits me, I'll send it out later.

  16. What are the titles of your books? I'm pondering. That chocolate sounds like heaven.

  17. Sara! LOL! Great minds think alike.. I just added the titles to the post!

  18. PS! The chocolate is SOOO heaven. Seriously. Creamy perfection... think Lindt but better...

  19. All I got is:


    Or maybe not linking the two titles together so could do like, a banner across the top with something simple like, "TEENS IN AUSTEN" or "AUSTEN HIGH" or something with the book title standing alone.

    I feel like it needs a teen-centric approach.

  20. How about...."Not Your Average Jane Series"? That's kinda cute.

    I suck at titles. GAH! Good luck!!!!


  21. He's my contribution to the list of suggestions:

    Modern Austeen Adventures
    (Austen + teen = Austeen)


  22. Ooh, Mandy... that's a neat concept.
    And Frankie! you're right! It is cute.

    I'm not the judge though, I've already emailed my publishers--they'll be the final judges. And even if they tell me one of your ideas sparked something else that becomes the title, then you still win!

  23. Ack! You guys are commenting before I can respond. I like that too, thank you, Edjane!

  24. How about:

    Austen, Twisted

    I know, not the best suggestion, but the chocolate stash I brought home from the UK in October is almost gone. I'm desperate here! :)

  25. Here's some thoughts
    Jane Austen Revamped
    Not Your Momma's Jane Austen
    Thoroughly Modern Jane
    New Jane (Get it, New Mooon, New Jane...are those crickets I hear?)
    Tricked out Jane Austen
    Pimp my Jane Austen (Like Pimp my Ride...some reason I think my version just isn't right! LOL)
    Austen Power (LOL)

    Ok, I'm just cracking myself up now! This was fun. I'll let you know if I think of more. I want that chocolate!

  26. I hopped over from Candice's blog. Wow. There's a lot of deep thinking going on over here today!

    I love your blog background. :)

  27. So um... why not name it something that doesn't have Jane or Austen in it like:

    Soft Boiled


    Tranquil Radiance

    of course i can't spell and i'm allergic to milk, so the prize is not so enticing. That mixed with the fact that I don't think those two titles up there have anything to do with it give me more then enough reason to win.

    Though, if you insist on using the name then go with something more like:

    Jane Austen's Not Here
    Austen's No more
    Where is Jane?
    See Jane Run

  28. Jane's Girls

    My daughter is hot on it and says she can have a few for you by Saturday, but mid-terms take precedence. Imagine that?


  29. Wow, I love all the suggestions! I'm doing this for you cuz I like you tons, you can keep the chocolate! ;)

    Jenni, how about:

    The Janeite Diaries (I actually did some research on this and invented the title!) Muahahaha!

    The Austen Diaries

    The Jane Austen Diaries

    The Jane Diaries

    Janetown series

    Jane Austen, Interrupted

    Americanized Mizz Austen

    Spinster in the 21st century >)

    Jane, The Makeover

    The Austen Chronicles

    Jane Austen: Urban Legends

    All American Jane


    I hope you find a title that suits your series! Thank you for making me a part of this!!


    PS--if I come up with anything more, I'll let you know!!

  30. I'm not good at this kind of thing...maybe...

    Jane's Girls??

  31. Happy Thursday! I have a little something for you at my blog today! ;-)

  32. Can't think of anything right now. Good luck.

    Lynnette Labelle

  33. Don't know if this has already been mentioned or not.. but

    Austen Revisited.

    Okay, my brain isn't working too well at the moment... I'll see if I can come up with something helpful.LOL.

  34. I love your new author website! Can't wait to find out which title you choose--good luck! :)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Hannah also says

    Awesome Austeens

    (That's good because the 'awesome' is a VERY American word, isn't it?)

    Austeen Adventures

    American Austeen Adventures

    Girls, Guys and Austen

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Sorry about the deleted comment, it was because I put Ostensibly Austen, thinking that I had thought of it. Then I re-read your list and realised I had been subliminably influenced... (cue creepy music)!

  39. Hey we can't wait. My sister told me all about you!! Is it being released in Aus too? (Thank goodness for Amazon!)

    My daughter says: How about
    'The Jenni-Austen Series'.

    Personally I'm teeny bit afraid that 'Austen in America' might sound like it's Austen in the Wild West or something. I think it's less about being American and more about being teenage and modern. (That could be because I'm English living in Oz and I might feel it didn't apply.)

    I like the Aus-Teen ideas too. How about:

    Austen Rules! erm...

    Phew! it's harder than you'd think isn't it.

    Good luck with the project and don't forget us Aussies.

    PS This comment should have come first!

  40. Hey JJ! I've been absent lately, but have thought about you a lot. Hope all's well. Here's my under caffeinated series title suggestions:

    *The Austen Six-Pack ( there anything more American than that besides Mom, apple pie and the flag?) :)

    *The US Austen Series

  41. OOOO the Jenni-Austen series is good! Or how about the James-Austen series. I like that it has your name in too. It sounds more like a caliboration.

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