Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Bad Vibes

Have you ever planned a trip, only to cancel it as soon as you climbed in the car and drove a bit and realized you had this intense feeling to go home?

This just happened to me. I always, always listen to that feeling... but it makes me wonder what if I hadn't... what would've happened?

A wreck?

Something gone wrong with the children?

Someone needing me and I wasn't there?

This trip was nothing really for me, so easy enough to cancel. Actually, I'm going to try again tomorrow... and see if I can go then. Lol! My hubby is in training about 2 hours north of me the whole week. And early next week I leave on a week long author business trip. So after talking it over with my hubby and sister (who's living with us at the moment) I decided to travel the two hours north--sans children--and hang with the hubby for a couple of nights in his hotel room. That way we can at least spend some time together within the next two weeks.

The plan had always been for me to leave Tuesday. But after discussing again today, we decided it would be fine if I left a day earlier and showed up Monday night. Well, apparently, I didn't check with the big guy until after I'd already packed the bags, loaded the van, tucked kids in bed, etc... Now I'm back home and pondering the "what-ifs" of this whole thing...

Anyway, I'm just curious... Have you ever cancelled something because you felt it was wrong? Did you ever find out why you weren't meant to go? Or have you ever gone ahead and did something you felt you shouldn't, and lived to regret it?


  1. I tend to follow that voice too, although, I've never been on the road and turned around.

  2. I always regret when I don't listen to my inner voice. I find that if I do listen I am spared lots of trouble. Good call.

  3. Yes, we had plans to go to a beach house - reservations and everything - last Christmas. I just had to cancel and never really knew why. I get that feeling a lot and always feel better following it even if I don't find out the reason! :)

  4. I have had the promptings of not going places, and have listened. But I have never figured out what disaster was averted. I guess we must just trust in our Lord.

  5. Oh, definitely. There's sometimes where you just know you're not supposed to do something. The hard part is DOING it.

  6. Yes. I listen to those vibes, whether or not I understand them (and, being LDS, you know, it's probably quite often the spirit whispering to us to wave off!).

  7. Yes! My brothers and I planned a trip to San Diego a couple years back. We were going to take my car and spend several days there. Well, that little "inner voice" kept prompting me to cancel the trip. So, I did. (Much to the disappointment of my brothers and the friends who we'd be staying with.)

    We did find out why it needed to be canceled, though. My engine seized during the time we would've been down there, and we would've been stranded, with no money for plane tickets. :-)

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  9. Definitely! It's always good to listen. I remember one in particular back in high school. My friends wanted to walk to the hs after dark just for fun and I felt I shouldn't go with them. They went anyway and there was a gang of rough-looking guys hanging around. It was scary for them, but they got away just fine. I didn't have to experience that fear because I listened. It's definitely for our own protection.

  10. Yep, sometimes we don't get to know all the reasons. But it's always better safe than sorry.

  11. Unfortunately, I think have an anxiety disorder, so feel like this all the time. :)

    But recently, I had a decision to make about where to leave one of my children while I was out of town. I prayed about it, got an answer, but trying to keep people around me happy chose something else. I'm already seeing why it was the wrong decision and I plan on following promptings in the future.

  12. Listen to the still small voice. He will guide you always.

    Today is my bad vibe day. My e-mail address was stolen. Someone sent a bogus e-mail to everyone I know. Oh, and the police came to my house to check it out....while I was still in my PJs. It's been lovely!

    You can reach me at laurabinghambooks@gmail dot com

  13. Lois--it's not the first time I've cancelled a trip, but it always makes me wonder... LOVE that voice though!!

    Edjane--Me too! Me too! It's why i've learned to just completely rely on it now. thank you.

    MT--A beach house?? A BEACH HOUSE??? Oh how hard for you guys! But yeah, better to listen than to regret!

    Amber--yeah, trusting in Him makes it all so much easier. But it is frustrating to not know why, though. lol!

    Elana--LOl! I hear you. I can't tell you how many times I had to ask over and over again if it was really neccessary that I turn around. Eventually I turned around and felt so much better, but man--it was still a tough one for me.

    Terresa--Oh definitely it's the Spirit! I agree wholeheartedly!

  14. Andrea--Yikes! Good thing you cancelled! Holy cow, that would've been bad.

    Daniel--Erm, thank you for that! LOL!

    Nisa--isn't it amazing to even contemplate what another person would've done to that exact circumstance. maybe just having you there would've somehow set up a series of events to where they weren't able to get away--you never know.

    Jenn--Yes! Safeey! LOL! I need safety!

    Kimberly--I've definitely had those problems before, when I thought it would be okay, even though i felt I shouldn't, I went ahead and did it anyway. And though the consequences weren't that awful, I could've definitely done without the stress! Lol!

    Laura--i know! Lol! i got that email and mailed you saying it had happened to us before. Except after i pushed send I remembered that they had changed my hubby's password too, so he wasn't able to login to tell everyone it was a fake email. So sad. Hang in there. I'm sure the cops were extra nice to you. lol!

  15. The Lord tends to keep us as far from danger as possible. One time, my brother called and told me a crazy car jacker was by our house and to avoid a certain intersection. I had in my head which way i would go instead after I dropped the kids off at the busstop. But before I could go that way, I got a flat tire. I mean really flat. By the time I got back home I found out that the crazy car jacker had wandered over to my alternate route and ran people off the road. I learned to be thankful for the flat tires in life!

  16. Yes! I've cancled plans before because I felt like they weren't right, or that I needed to do something else. I've also not followed my gut and a few times I have had bad outcomes. But now I tend to always follow that feeling.

  17. Yes!  I was going to read your "Random Bad Vibes" post when I just knew I must turn away!  (Just kidding... )

    Yours is an interesting blog, Jenni.  Best wishes for your books!

  18. It was a teeny beach house 3 blocks from the beach - but still, yes, hard to let that one go.