Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Gift Giveway!

How would you like to get all of your Christmas shopping done at once?

In honour of my great friend and amazing writer:

MM Bennetts, and her new book--

Of Honest Fame

I'm hosting
A Ginormous Christmas Gift Giveaway!

A group of authors from all over the world, have come to celebrate the release of MM's book with her. And they have each contributed a book or gift of some kind to be included in the giveaway. One LUCKY READER will have the chance at winning all 20 books listed--including Of Honest Fame posters signed--a Portrait Painting (by me), a pencil drawing (Elizabeth Mueller), Christmas booklets, and many more fun prizes!
An estimated $500 Value!

To enter, all you need to do is show some love to
MM Bennetts and help us celebrate her book release


1. FOLLOW THE TOUR: Every time you leave a comment, on any blog on the tour,
you receive an entry.

2. SHOUT IT OUT: Every time you post Christmas Gift Giveaway and link to my blog: to your FaceBook, Twitter, Email list... you get an entry.

3. BLOG IT: Post Of Honest Fame's AMAZING Trailer to your blog, or facebook Note, linking it to my blog and you get two entries. To watch it click here

Once you're done, leave a comment ON THIS BLOG with your entry total & email address. You can enter as many times as you'd like. :)



Monday, November 1
Book spotlighted at Examiner
Interviewed at Let’s Talk Virtual Book Tours

Tuesday, November 2
Interviewed at Personovelty

Wednesday, November 3
Interviewed at The Writer’s Life

Thursday, November 4
Interviewed at As the Pages Turn

Friday, November 5
Guest blogging at The Story Behind the Book

Monday, November 8
Interviewed at Literarily Speaking

Tuesday, November 9
Interviewed at Blogcritics

Wednesday, November 10
Book reviewed at A Moment with Mystee

Thursday, November 11
Guest blogging at The Book Connection

Friday, November 12
Interviewed at The Hot Author Report
Book trailer spotlighted at Pump Up Your Book

Monday, November 15
Interviewed at Beyond the Books

Tuesday, November 16
Guest blogging at Writing Daze

Wednesday, November 17
Book reviewed at Review From Here

Thursday, November 18
Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book

Friday, November 19
Interviewed at Paperback Writer

Monday, November 22
Guest blogging at Beyond the Books

Tuesday, November 23
Interviewed at Momlogic

Wednesday, November 24
Book reviewed at Books with a Cup of Coffee

Thursday, November 25

Friday, November 26
Book reviewed at Broken Teepee

OR: Click on the picture and scroll down to find the tour!

THE GIFTS (click on the pictures & author's name to find out more):

One Single Portrait, by Jenni James

The beautiful Elizabether Mueller, portrait drawing, of your choice.

Editor Nicole Scheller, one free synopsis edit.

Medium Lorraine Holloway-White will give one free reading from a photograph.

THE BOOKS (on the left):

May 1812, MM Bennetts

My Gift to You, Lori Nawyn

Rescuing Liberty, Amanda Washington

Adventures at Aaron Loch Farm, Kathryn Brown

Summer in Paris, Michele Ashman Bell

Tulagi Hotel, Heikki Hietala

A sceptical Medium, Lorraine Holloway-White

Sapphire Fluter Karen E. Hoover

Room for Two, Abel Keogh

Common Places, Paul House

Whom Must I Kill to Get Published? Jason R. Horger

Habour, Paul House

I'll Know You by Heart, Kimberly Job

Forged In the Refiner's Fire, Candace E. Salima

Die a Dry Death, Greta van der Rol

Cinders, Michelle Davidson Argyle

13 and 0: Reflections of Champions, Candace E. & Alvin E. Salima

Brimstone & Lily, Terry Kroenung


  1. Very cool contest, JJ!!

    Posting it to the blog & Facebook today, then will tweet and. :) Huggage

  2. PS Can't believe I'm first!

    PSS You've got "Of Honest FLAME's" above the book tour badge. heheeeeeee

  3. Nice to meet you. Very cool, I'll sign up and also post it on my blog. I have several contest listed and blog hops and I plan to highlight them again tomorrow and I will add yours.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  4. @ANGIE! Wahooo! You ARE first! Erm, and thanks for the spelling goof! Heheheh! Fixed. You rock!

    @NR Hello! Another crazy author, so glad you stopped by! We love writers here. lol!

  5. Thank you, Michelle... It's so fun to have you included on the blog too!

  6. This is brilliant Jenni. Thrilled to be a part of it. xx

  7. Wow, this is seriously enormous.
    Have MM and you linked and advertise all the time.

    Do I get the prize now? haha

    Fun aside: it all looks pretty great and makes a slim foot.

  8. Count me in - by the way, Gretas' book is magic !!

  9. Wow! Amazing giveaway! Ok, I just Facebooked:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=166802676686137&id=100001719244826
    I will also post about on Saturday. Do you need me to come back and post the link? That's THREE entries for me. Yay!
    PS: I've got a giveaway happening too. Come check it out! :o)
    My email is attached to my profile, so all you have to do is reply to this comment. Thanks!

  10. Wow awesome contest!! Thank you for your comment yesterday on my whiny blogpost.

  11. Seriously? All these books?
    WOW. That would be a good Christmas. And the artwork is AMAZING...
    Sign me up...

  12. I Facebooked this link on my Facebook...WAY super AWESOME giveaway.

    i also Facebooked this video link..but apparently your link to the video proves to be invalid. it says the link is broken. So I found the Book trailer link myself. I hope that is the right one...
    Just wanted to let you know.

  14. I commented on the book tour. At least one of them. Today. YAY me!

  15. Tweet! Tweet!'s%20Rear%3F%20%20What%20the%20What%3F%3F%3F%20!/Clutteredbrain/status/5639597149130752

    Also I am @clutteredbrain on Twitter. Are you on Twitter?

  16. Yay! Thanks for joining in the fun. And for the heads up on the book trailer link... that book trailer ROCKS! And yep, looks like you found it all on your own.

    And yes! I'm twitterpated. you can find me under Jenni_James or click on the twitter birdie on the right.

  17. My email is also linked with my blogger profile. but just in case it is!

  18. Wow, incredible giveaway, Jenni!

    Wishing you the best, and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Hi Jenni James, you mad crazy bundle of energy. This is really gaining momentum. Put me down for one comment, and one fb blabber. Hope there's still some prizes left!


  20. 2 Entries: I posted links on Twitter (@cameron_chapman) and on Facebook.

  21. I don't know if I can enter since I'm one of the people giving away, but I shouted it out on FB, and I left about 3 comments (until I realized I left them on much later posts since I stared the tour today--doh!)

    Oh well. ;)

    4 entries altogether.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Oh, and to make it easier on you,
    elizabethmueller6 AT gmail

    ~Elizabeth :)

  23. Thanks to

    Stella won.
    Making a new blog post now!


  24. Should I be lucky? I know I got me a lottery ticket (lucky dip) for tomorrow, but I didn't expect this, to be honest. Gee....

    Thank you!

  25. Thanks for great links..Explore them soon...