Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Northanger Alibi has a COVER!!!

Due to all the attention P&P is getting, I asked my publisher to push back Northanger Alibi's release until February.

I'm crazy excited to announce and show you the new face of the book!

So, so, so cute!!!

I have so much awesome news about Pride & Popularity.  I've got to update this blog and tell you everything, it's been happening so fast, and with the 10 kids I haven't had a moment to myself... However... watch this space, I'll be updating a lot in the next few days sharing all my wonderful news! :)

But isn't the cover just gorgeous??  I love it!  And it's so Claire!


  1. Eeek!! I am so flippin' excited!!! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve next. :)

  2. Tried to leave a comment earlier, so here's me trying again... Congratulations! It's wonderful awesome. Just like you.

  3. So excited to read it but so impatient for it to come out!!!!Thanks for helping me work on that elusive virtue :) The cover looks great!! Hope you holidays are going splendidly.

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  5. Wahoo! I'm so glad to find you! I noticed your comment on Emily Hamson's FB site (she's in my ward) and saw that you were an author! Yay! Another Utah author! I'm a writer too - almost done with my second book. I don't have an agent yet, but I'll be working on it! It's so great to meet you! You sound super talented and fun!

  6. HI Brenda! Come and say howdy on facebook! I have tons of awesome utah author friends. :) I love Emily. She is my cousin's wife... And I love Quinn too. :)

  7. I found out about P&P a bit ago and ordered it straight away, i got it from Dymocks this morning and didnt put it down since! I LOVED IT, and i cant wait until Northanger Alibi comes out, im just in the middle of reading the preview at the end of P&P.
    Jenni James, congratulations on writing such amazing books that anyone could relate to!

  8. i'm so excited about reading your new book!i can't wait for the others to be published as well!my favorite is "persuaded" and i definitely want it in my collection too!so glad i run into your work on wattpad! :)