Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Changing Publishers...

I have a few publishers... but one I will miss very much.  I've loved working with them and was sad to hear that due to health reasons they're closing their doors. Happy they'll be healthy, but so sad to lose such an amazing publisher.

The past month we've been moving the fourteen books Trifecta Books published to Serenity Brooke Press. It's been a long haul. Mostly trying not to lose years of reviews and fixing now broken links, getting other sites to merge the newly uploaded books with the old ones.

So we decided to help out, we'd put all of the new links here in one place. Fourteen books. A new home with new buying links.  Click on the link below each picture to follow to amazon.  If you don't have a kindle... that's okay! You can download the kindle app for free to ANY device! Thank you for your patience as we start a new chapter with this fun career.  :)

Beauty IS the Beast

 Revitalizing Jane: Drowning


  1. Hi! Long time fan of your Austen Diaries books, I was wondering where I can buy paperback versions of Emmalee, Mansfield Ranch and Sensible and Sensational? Last I checked, the only option for one of them was used at a whopping $295.00! Please help!

  2. I am in the same boat as Stephanie. Looking for Sensible and Sensational in paperback.

  3. we have sold your titles for years in our book store here in Canada and were purchasing them through Brigham Distributing. Were can I get them wholesale now that you are no longer with Brigham.