Friday, October 24, 2008


So Emmalee is done! YAHOOO! I'm doing the happy dance of joy! You have no idea! Not a mean feat either, I tell you! Writing three books in 7 1/2 months! I'm going crazy! ACK! But I can't stop! Writing is sooo much more fun than I ever imagined it would be. Seriously, ever toyed with the idea of writing? Well do it! It's soo cool creating something and laughing and crying and well.. going through everything with your characters! So AWESOME!

Now if only I could get published! Sheesh! So update there. STILL have 9 majorly cool pubs reading book one: Pride & Popularity. It's been four weeks. I had 12 at the beginning that quickly pared down to the 9 I have now! At this point, I guess no news is good new right?

So, what crazy things have happened to me the last couple of weeks? --Since I vowed I wouldn't really post until I finished the book!? Well, here goes:

Have you ever gone to a Super cool costume party one year and then gone back the next and been the ONLY one dressed up? Yep. That was me. Went as a Gothic Princess. Black wig, super scary makeup, spider in my tiara and all. Okay, so let me amend--There were other costumes, if you count the two girls that showed up in hats. (you know I love you!) and the other lady who wore a pumpkin pin. Sheez.

So nothing like scaring the crazies out of your littlest monster when she sees you coming down the stairs! Or hey, scaring the life out of the poor British woman driving in front of you in bumper to bumper traffic on your way to the party. I KNOW she thought I was some punk using devilish curses on her, her car AND her 16 cats. I know it! She was so freaked out! A couple of times I thought the poor lady would ram into the car in front of her--since her eyes never left the rear view mirror! And what is with English cars and not having shaded windows? Honestly. Does EVERYONE need to know just what is inside your car at all times? Ugh. Oh! But hey, on a more positive note. Won the costume contest. I was relieved there was a contest. honestly. I was wondering if it was more a--hehehe! Let's get Jenni this year! Muhahah! I know she loves to dress up! She'll so fall for this! *snicker, snicker* who's got the camera? hehehe! This is SOO going on myspace.

No autographs please. Just throw money. thanks

Also, I invited over one of Britain's most elite Chefs. No joke. He serves the royal family every time they come to Cambridge. This is what happens when you go to church and brag to everyone what an amazing cook you are! okay, not EVERYONE just overly confident Chefs who need to be taken down a peg or two. LOL!

Okay, so the LAST time I had this guy over... I made my award winning apple pie. And this pie is AWESOME! Unfortunately, so was the long piece of hair that came out of HIS piece. Ugh! It would've been HIS piece. LOL! I nearly died laughing because--well, that's so murphy's law right? You brag and brag and then get nailed. So gross. I would've thrown the pie away. Any lesser person would've too. Not this guy. After very charmingly (I say charmingly, because only brits can get away saying stuff--the accent!) roasting me on the hair, he proceeded to lay it across his knee and continue eating! No joke. To return the favor he invited my hubby and I over to his house for a five star meal--that was SO AMAZING! still craving it.

Yeah, well.. I'm an american. It's my turn. I never step down from a challenge. Just gonna have to keep my hair up this time! ACK! LOL! Bring it on. Sunday will be awesome! LOL!

So speaking of church and makeup and scaring people.... I would also like to personally thank all of my church friends who not only allowed--but smiled happily in my presence--as I walked around church with raccoon eyes. Yes. Just for the record ALL mascara should be waterproof, okay? Honestly. None of this accidentally picking up the wrong mascara as you're frantically running around getting 6 kids ready for church! Only to find out as you get home and look in the mirror--you're already ready for Halloween! Evil, evil, Brits! This being polite at ALL costs needs to be addressed here and now. Look people! If I have my skirt tucked into my pantyhose, hot rollers still in my hair, peanut butter on my shirt or raccoon eyes PLEASE have the decency to tell me!!! Yep, church. Never a dull moment.

Thank you.
I will be playing live all week.
Come back. There's sure to be more. I mean, this is my life we're talking about, right?
I laugh in the face of embarrassment! Muhahaha!


  1. Hooray and get those published girl, I want to read more than just the excerpts!!! ;)

  2. Hahaha! Jenni you make me laugh girl! I can't wait to read I get to? :) I am super busy but I can always find time to read!!!
    How long are you expecting to be over there in the UK? I am trying to decide where I want to take my next big vacay...hopefully this spring or summer.
    Anyway, love your posts...glad you are done writing this book! I can't wait to read it!

  3. We're packing out mid-may and heading out begining of June. Come, come, come! We would love to have you! But you gotta come quick! We even have a guest bedroom with it's own bathroom Ooh-ooh! LOL!

  4. Hello, Jenni! What a great journal you have hear. I'm sure your book will be fantastic...and that's great news about coming back to the US! Good luck and take care. Maria