Friday, December 19, 2008

FINALLY! Pics of my Enchanted Yuletide Ball!

So here it is! Proof that my hubby and I actually hosted our third annual ball! These are my two sister out-laws who came to help us celebrate! The best thing about living in Europe for me right now, is that half of my family lives over here too!
Meet, Domi--the left of me--my Dutch out-law, and Becky to the right of me--my American, living in England out-law! My lil' brothers live in Holland and England! LOL!
Here is my hunka, hunka, burnin' love! Isn't he hot ( i mean HAWT) in his tux??? Eeeh! And yes, my hubby really is as sweet as he looks. I'm the ornery one! LOL! Poor guy.
Here's me with two of my lil' brothers. We're the three oldest in the fam... LOL! So of course, we consider ourselves the coolest! Brendon is to the left of me--he lives in Holland! And Trent--the one i've posted about lots lately, lives in England.. and yeah, he only has half a face... guess that'll lead to more issues! Hehehee! (Oh! And both of these guys are super tall! you have no idea how far they're bending over to take this pic with me! LOL! I LOVE sibling torture!
Meet my oldest, Dalen (Scottish, pronounced Dallin) This was our "Bulter" for the evening. He took everyone's coats and kept clearing the trash! LOL! Over 150 people... we created a lot of trash! Poor guy! He got the most compliments out of everyone and people actually gave him gifts after the ball! Isn't he so cute--he's also my future photographer--and took most of these pics! Oh yeah, and in case you're wondering... I do believe in slave labor! LOL!
Here's Brendon and Dominique burning up the floor. All of my family LOVES to dance... that's why you won't find many pics of Mark and I, we were never still long enough! LOL! Oh! But there is proof that we did dance... if you look closely on the left... that is my hubby's hand and my hair! LOL!
Here's Bren and Domi again, I LOVE this photo so I had to post it! Look! Four kids later and they're still smiling!
This is a hilarious spoof, some of my singles put together! LOL! Just for the record, we're really boring... we don't drink! LOL! What they're holding is sparkling cider! LOL! It's all we had at the ball, oh and real American lemonade! The Brits idea of lemonade is diet Sprite. Not kidding! LOL! We had to show them how it's really done!
This is soon to be the Swepsons... they're getting married on New Year's Eve. Cute date for a anniversary, huh? We love these guys! They're soo cool!
Here are the Barrons! Some of the most funniest Brits ever! And our neighbors! Well, there you have it! Pics of my Enchanted Yuletide Ball! It was super fun! And we really had a blast! I can't wait until I move to Provo and get to host balls there! Wahoo!


  1. Oh how fun! I think I want to come and live with your family...y'all have soooo much fun! Happy Holidays!

  2. I'm so glad you finally posted some pics!! Looks like so much fun! And does it look like Mark is loosing some hair? Oh well! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Holy cow!! Dalen is so BIG! I love the pictures by the way. ;)

  4. Love the pictures! Looks like a grand time was had by all. :-)

  5. Oh Man! HOW FUN!!! I am so jealous! ANd that is great Trent and Brendan were able to come and celebrate! Looks like you guys throw a mean PAR-TY!!

    And in kari's defense.... she is the coolest sbiling of yours!!!!

  6. Wowser! You're the most beautifulest belle of the ball. What a great group of family and friends.
    PS did you have silver slippers? :)

  7. Ang--LOL! Come on over! We always have room for more in the James Gang!

    Regina--Yay! It was! LOL! Shh! Don't say anything to Mark! LOL!

    Caitlin--Hey girl! How's it going! I know, he's massive huh? LOL! He's 12 now! Crazy! And Thanks!

  8. Melissa--Yeah, somebodu has to stick up for Kari! LOL! Yeah, it's been cool to hang with my brothers! Too bad Nate moved away already!

    Angie--girl, it's all in the angle! LOL! There's a reason why i didn't post pics sooner, I had to wait for the ones with the great angle! LOL! And thanks! I wish I had silver slippers! LOL!

  9. What a blast! Talk about an organizer! That is completely something I would love to do someday!

  10. So fun! I love the idea of a Yule Ball. It's the perfect time of year for it.

    Also, I loved your post (a few days ago) on Steph Meyer. lol. Too cute. :)

  11. Oh I loved seeing these pictures! I think it is so cool that you did this for everyone!!! Wish it were here:))

  12. Camisetta--Do it! Balls are SOO much easier than people think they are! If you ever need help let me know! Plus they're super fun!

    Renee--Thanks! I've always wanted to do A yule ball too! Just cause we have sooo much lit garland bows and mutliple Christmas trees! LOL! And I think it's soo pretty, so it was really fun.. I'm not sure I'll do another Yule one tho--it completed with so many other things. And thanks for the bff stephenie meyer... heehehe it was fun to post! haha! One day I vow, i'll find out if my dream was right! LOL!

    Terri--It's all about the girls. That's why we do them! I think women need to get out there and feel pretty and dust off their tiaras and become princesses for the night. There's something magical about feeling beautiful and cherished!

  13. Hi Jenni,
    I really love your blog and seeing what you guys are up to. Hope you have a great Christmas
    Emily(Brown) Lindsey
    p.s Mindy says Hi

  14. Okay so my comment isnt about your post...hah. i read the part of The Northanger Affect that you ahve on your website and i seriously am DYING to read the rest of it!
    -Elyse Andersen<3

  15. Emily!!!--Holy cow! I haven't seen you in forever! How are you?? I can't believe you found my blog???! That's so awesome! Okay, going over to yours to say howdy! And Hi, Mindy! Miss you like crazy!

    Elyse--LOL! I'm always looking for proof readers! Wahoo! Great, I think i'm gonna recruit you! And I know, right? The Northanger Affect is SOOO awesome! It's so seriously my favorite story right now! eeeeh! Just wait till you read it! Great to hear from you!

  16. Melissa Marsh!--I am sooo sorry, I think I missed your comment earlier! Thank you for you compliments! And the ball was awesome!

  17. Hey again!
    hah yeah i most deffinately would Love to give my opinion.
    Im so excited to read the rest of it! I seriously fell in love with it when i read the opening part.
    hah thanks! and my toe ISNT brokem!

  18. I'm So Excited. I sent you a message on your yahoo from my email just so you have it.

  19. Raaah! Grrrr. Aaaargh!!!! Blah, blah, blah. I SO wish I could have been there. That's all I have to say!
    Maybe next time.

    Thanks Melissa! I am the coolest sibling, right?!

    Domi and Becky ~ Love your dresses!

    Jenni, you look cute as ever!

  20. Elyse--Cool! I got your email! NA is on it's way!

    Kari--You have to say I look cute cause everyone says we look the same! LOL! And I wish you were there too! You will get your chance! Come to England quick!