Monday, December 8, 2008

Pride & Popularity--Bring it on!

So I've been a little stressed lately due to the economy and publishers laying off workers and well all that stuff. It's especially noticeable because super awesome editors are reading my book (Pride & Popularity) now and considering it. Which just that fact alone is enough to make my head swim with giddy delight! I can't believe it! It's like a dream! --Until I allow self doubt to creep in and my dreams to be invaded by a whole bunch of nasty nightmares.

Well, I make a point to only post very happy things--so as I catalogue this crazy journey of mine--I thought I'd point out that I ran into one of my actors from the plays I direct. This one wants to be an agent when she grows up. And she's 16. The perfect age for my YA book. So I ask her if she'd mind reading P&P and see if she finds something wrong with it. Something that doesn't ring true to teenagers. She was more than happy. Down right excited to read it, which raised my hopes a bit. So I sent it. Then Saturday, she wrote me back. And this is what she wrote:

"Oh my gosh!!! i LOVED it! and i definitely LOVED Taylor!! I just finished it, and i was like, wow that ending is amazing!!! i laughed so much! Chloe is hilarious! i think that the best kind of book is one where you actually feel what the characters are going through and that's exactly how it was for this one! i seriously laughed and cried with Chloe, that's how much i loved it! It actually kind of reminded me of some of the Meg Cabot books I've read. You definitely got the dialogue down. I could definitely see everything in the book happening!! So, yeah, I thought it was absolutely awesome! you have some serious talent!!"

Anyway, needless to say, it's amazing how much compliments can uplift you! It's downright wonderful actually! LOL! I immediately started to reread my book! LOL! Yes, I'm a nerd, I know. But I've been a bit scared to reread the whole thing since the edit hacking it went through back in August. Whew! Did you know, I couldn't stop reading it! LOL! My own stupid book! The book I know the ending to, I couldn't stop! LOL! It WAS awesome! Eeeh! I finally crawled into bed at 2am sighing and sooo in love with Taylor Anderson, I couldn't help myself! LOL!

So there you go! Pride & Popularity!--Bring it on! Hahaha! And somebody PLEASE tell me you go through the vicious self doubt cycle too--because I'm gonna feel so weirded out if I'm the only one!


  1. Any writer who says they don't have doubts is either lying to themselves or in the wrong profession. :)

    Stop by my've been nominated for "keepin' it real."

  2. Absolutely I go through the cycle - it never, ever stops. But I think it also keeps you in the here and now of the writing world - keeps you grounded, so to speak. :-)

    And what an awesome email to get from someone in your target market!

  3. Oh wow--I hope I can say some day that I want to reread my own book so much cause I love it!! And yes you know via my blog how much this whole thing sometimes makes me struggle with the ups and downs! Thank you for an encouraging note too!
    Congrats on having and agent and being able to choose one!!

  4. Yeah. So it happens all the time. This crazy - am-I-sure-I-know-what-I'm-doing deal. It's insane, isn't it?? I have read a preview of your book! It is so cute! OH, you're so creative!

  5. Angie--Oh! Wow! I didn't even see my name there on your list!LOL! I didn't even think it would be! Wow! Thanks. And I'm grateful other writers doubt!

    Melissa--It never stops? Gulp! LOL! And yeah, it really made my day--all the adults in the world saying they like it--hasn't been able to produce the results that one teenager did for me! Eeeh!

    Terri--Yeah, i've been playing catch up on your blog today and it looks like we have both been going through that! I think two agents looking at book one is awesome, but keep sending it out.. especially since that one editor worked so long with you to get it edited--heheehe! I'd take that experience and use it. Just dont' add what she wanted you to. Send it off to more agents. I got 23 rejections before I got my first full read... then 11 more rejections and 2 more partials and another full (Still out reading) I got my agent. Don't give up!

    Camisetta--Thanks! I'm glad you liked the preview! How was your trip??

  6. Self-doubt cycle? You mean I am supposed to be able to get out of this at times? No fair!

  7. AWESOME!!! I can't wait to read it! Good for you! I hope you hear something soon!

  8. If only I DIDN'T know what self doubt was! I really truly understand that whole thing. And don't worry, your book IS good. You just need time! :) I'm an awful one for advice about doubting, but I do know that taking a step back can often help alot! :)

  9. Debbie-That's when those doritos really come in handy! LOL!

    Melissa--Thanks! You're an awesome cheerleader!

    Kimberly--Thanks! Since you read it before anyone and before the major hacking and you still like it, is saying something!