Thursday, February 19, 2009

Part 2 (32 Birthday Wishes)

WOW! Thank you so much for all of the warm wishes. Sheez, guys! LOL! Maybe I should announce my birthday is coming up sooner? LOL! Kidding! So um, I was laughing right out loud on some of your responses! And cried with others! LOL! So, okay... apparently some of you think my birthday wishes are too unselflish! Here I was thinking most of them are so selfish! LOL! So do ya wanna know the crazy thing? Wish #1 is REALLY the wish I would've made when I blew out my candles! LOL! I'm not kidding! I really, really, really want you all to get published. And I'm gonna try my hardest to help you too... (lol! You weren't expecting that were you?) Muhahah! Now that you are all onto my evil plan... I guess i better go ahead and list my next seven wishes. Sheez! LOL!

~Oh! Before I forget! Janna is having a contest on her blog... if you're interested in trying it, check it out! The winner gets James Patterson's new book Sam's Letters to Jennifer! All you have to do is write up a quick blurb (like something you'd read on the back of a book) with the clue's she has given and then put it in the comment section!~

Wish #7
I wish for World Peace. LOL! Okay, okay... so I just had to add it! Lol! But honestly, my hubby has been deployed way too much to not wish for this one. Especially the years that he has missed mine or the kids' birthdays and holidays and milestones... and all those things that make having dad around so special. LOL! So what started out as a joke on the "unselfish thing" I guess I really, really do want world peace! So sue me, already! LOL!

Wish #8
I wish my middle daughter would pick up reading and really, really love it like I do... and see the value and the wonder of being lost in a good book!

Wish #9
I wish my totally brave and wonderfully sweet oldest son would have a couple of good friends come into his life. Good guy friends that he can hang out with and who won't tease him for holding the door open for people or for helping a younger classman pick up their books when they fall. Someone who'll listen to him for hours talk about his favorite cars and think that it's cool too.

Wish #10
I wish my 2 year old wouldn't pick her nose in public quite so much. Seriously. She's adorably sweet, but in an instant she can go from the cutest, smartest redheaded little girl... to being a sniveling, nasty, neglected two year old--just like that. Sigh. I swear her IQ drops like 20 points. And does she have to leave it there for two hours without me realizing?

Wish #11
I wish my brother could really, really see the value of his family.

Wish #12
I wish my brother-in-law would hold my sister close and protect her like my hubby does me.

Wish #13
I wish that my books will have the ability to changes teens to see the positive things in life. And to make them grateful for every moment they are given. LOL! But I hope they have no idea they're learning these lessons as they read! LOL!


  1. Those are great birthday wishes, Jenni! I wish them for you (and your family), as well. :)

  2. I should give up on the two year old - remember, with age three may come finesse! Or four... or five...

  3. Sweet wishes from a sweet woman! Hope you get every single one!

  4. Janna--OH! I forgot to add your contest! I added it late! LOL! Thanks!

    Jinksy--LOL! Or six or seven...!

    angie--Aww... as if you aren't the nicest blogger ever!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sunday! I love your wishes so far! You are amazing! And I am really sorry about all your miscarriages! I should not be complaining! That would be so hard !You are very strong! I to hope for the 2 things you put about both of your sisters!

    Happy bday! I hope all your wishes come true!

  6. I think you deserve all those wishes!! I can't believe how much older we are getting. I remember you baby sitting me singing Beauty and the Beast songs. Ha. What am amazing person and mom you have become!!

  7. Jenni, I am soaking up your good vibes! Bless your family for having a deployed dad.

    All my kids are into Harry Potter and read those books like they are chapter books. Has your daughter discovered him yet??