Friday, February 20, 2009


Hehehee! Already! And it's not even my birthday! YAY!
We got the call that our van is ready for pickup this weekend!
Life is good sometimes isn't it?


OKAY! So THAT is an amazing birthday gift! I'm like smiling like crazy! And because I'm in such a crazy mood. I have some seriously crazy wishes for you! LOL!

Wish #14
I wish my daughter wouldn't be so fascinated with Winnie the Poop. Yes, you read right. Poop was not a typo. It's what she really calls him every time she sees him. It kind of reminds me of the two year's my son used to call his favorite blanket that had fish all over it, his "Piss Blankie." *sigh* Mother of the year award right there! LOL!

Wish #15
I wish the kids would listen to me and NOT do bathtubs slides. It just gets ugly and they know better. Ahem.

Wish #16
I wish my kids wouldn't try to out scare each other with ghost stories. I swear if I trip over another kid on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I will...grr....

Wish #17
I wish the next time my daughter decides to draw all over herself I will refrain from teaching her a lesson and drawing a cute little mustache and beard on her face.

Wish #18
I wish the other kids wouldn't think it was funny and then draw and a beard and mustache on the baby again--days later. Grr.

Wish #19
I wish I could learn some alternative reverse psychology techniques that wouldn't backfire when the older kids thought they were funny. (refer to wish #18)

Wish #20
Ugh. I wish my dog didn't have gas. Or rather, I wish she didn't feel the need to sit next to me and share it when she did.



  1. ROFL! I can identify with nearly all of these.

    And, um... my little one can't pronounce the ST sound - it comes out as a D... so when she says "stick"... She's unknowingly had us in fits and giggles before, poor thing!

  2. LOL, birfday wishes fit for a princess! :)

  3. LOL This is fun :D More! More!


  4. LOL Those are some funny wishes. Hmmm alternative reverse psychology methods. When you figure those out let me know. And hey, where are your wishes for us today? LOL

  5. You don't like it when your dog has gas? Ha, just kidding. I think it is super cute that your kids tell each other ghost stories. Mine can't even be in the same room without screaming and crying.

  6. Great news on the van! And, if you can teach the dog to go elsewhere - let us all know your secret!

  7. Woo hoo! Congrats on getting the van back!

  8. Rascal has gas too, but she makes up for it by being cute. Right now she's running around the house with her rawhide bone in her mouth. Next she'll be looking for a spot to hide it. Her spots are always in plain sight.

    Morgan Mandel

  9. You must have magic surrounding you if your wishes are already coming true! I can't wait to start reading by the way. :)

  10. Whatca doin fun today for your Birthday? I hope you have a GREAT one!

  11. I am just gonna say it:
    You can't blame your kids for the ghost stories. Its in their blood! You gave it to them! :) LOL! I mean, I remember a specific incident up on a hill in a little ghost house...hmmmm...