Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life & Books Update

I've had a lot of people ask me to update what's going on in my crazy life... so here it is:

As of right now we're with my mom and dad in New Mexico, right up at the top of the state by the Four Corner's Area. Due to my hubby's recruiter training school we're gonna be here until October (until the first quarter of the kids school is over) at that time we'll be moving to Provo Utah... and hopefully Mark and I will have the new house all ready for the kids.

So for those of you who have just joined us, my family and I just relocated to the States from England last week.


Now on to the books. Most of you know I've written 7 books in the past year. Only 2 are ready for submissions. The other 5 are in various states of rewrites and will not be submitted--or even thought of being submitted to publishers until my agent, Kirsten Manges, has her twins in August! (So exciting!) So after my final move in Oct, Kirsten and I will get back together and start submissions on the next one.

Pride & Popularity--book one and the book that got my agent, went out to the publishing world in Oct. By November we had three publishers very interested (On second reads!). Then the publishing world folded and all three came back with a thanks, but no thanks. We had one publisher willing to do rewrites with us and talk to me directly on what she envisioned. But after waiting 4 months for the editor to find the time for P&P she came back with a 'no thank you' as well.

Which however disappointing it may be for other authors, I took it as a massive relief and sign! First off, I was able to write three separate books that had nothing to do with my Jane Austen rewrites, one of which is with publishers now. And it gave me the opportunity to meet Candi and Kasie, two of the most AWESOME proof readers of all time. They both read Pride & Popularity and were able to point out exactly what was wrong with it and why the editors may have passed.

So after 4 months of waiting for the editor, I was FINALLY able to add the revisions to Pride & Popularity that needed to be there. The whole book is so much stronger now! And I'm super excited about sending it out, we just won't be able to until after Kirsten's twins are born, since she'll be part of the negotiations and she's already working on my top secret book, that I'll be able to reveal to you soon. That book--is my 7th--and just might be the first book sold! LOL! Ironic right?

So there it is. My update. My first book is still on hold--but so awesome now, I can't believe it! And I can't wait to share it with new editors--unless there is one that has just happened to stumble onto my blog and would like to read it before the end of the month--then contact Kirsten Manges--you won't be disappointed! LOL! Hey a girl can dream, right? And my 7th book will hopefully be sold soon! I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I'm revising...

Persuaded (Totally awesome Persuasion rewrite--well, if you like 4-wheeling it is!),

Emmalee (Super cute Emma rewrite!),

The Northanger Affect (So FUNNY! it's my modern Stephenie Meyer/Jane Austen spoof),

BFF Notebook (with co-author Kasie, about two girls who write in a notebook back & forth trying to solve the love mystery of just who their secret admirers are),

Prince Tennyson (the sweet book about the 10 yr old girl, who's dad died in Iraq the year before and now she wants to prove if God is real or not)

and writing Mansfield Ranch! (Yes, girls... it's speaking to me again!)

Eeeh! I love being an author!


  1. Oh, girl! I've been meaning to get over here and post a comment for a long time now. Kasie has told me all about your awesome work and now I can't wait to read them!

    Congrats on your secret book being almost published and sold!!! That is too freakin' exciting!

    I just know you and I would get along well because
    a) We both love Kasie
    b) You're a Twilight Lover, I'm a Twilight Lover
    c) I'm in utter awe and worship over the fact that you lived in England ♥ and that you have 6 kids and manage to do what you dream.
    d) You and I both draw
    e) We are both totally cool chicks who also love Jane Austen and so cool chicks should get together often even if only on the net. =)

  2. Britten--LOL! Done! I think cyber BFF's are just plain awesome! And really, with those 5 things you've just listed... do I really need to more about you, to like you? LOL! You're awesome! Plus, I totally love your twilight moms blog--so crazy & fun! Jenni

  3. I'm so glad you are finally here. It sounds like quite a bit of work and adjustment ahead for you but I hope it is all worth it! I was just bragging to my husband that I "know" you.

  4. Love the new digs, little girl! I'll never understand how you do it all...take care of the little Red Sixpack, writing a book-a-month (LOL), running the blog, revisions, moving, etc. I'm worn out just thinking about it. But I'm so excited about your many prospects. Yeeeeeehaaaaaa!

  5. Jenni I need a nap after reading your updates. So excited for you and I can't wait to find out more about your top secret book. Best wishes.

  6. There is so much excitement going on for you. I can't believe how much you got done this year. You're a machine. You'll be on the shelves before you know it, and you seem to be right on track. Thanks for the cheers you sent my way.

  7. Debbie--What? really? You're tellin your hubby about me? LOL! That's so funny, because i'm always tellin my hubby about your blog! LOL! I love it! I'm just shakin my head and grinning thanks for the compliment! LOL! Jenni

    Angie--Thanks! I really don't think I've done that much--at least it doesn't seem like it, but when you gals all start freaking out on me I have to step back and wonder... was that something noteworthy? LOL! I guess we never see ourselves like others do!

    Ang--Nap? LOL! Eeeh! I can't wait to share my top secret book too! I hope it sells soon!

    Lois--You're more than welcome! I love your blog! And thanks for the kind words--I really don't feel like it was that crazy... LOL! But thanks! You've made me smile.

  8. Your life seems quite full right now, Jenni. I really can't imagine how you do all of that.

    And what? Secret book? How can you do that to us? We want to know! Can't wait.

  9. Lori-LOL! My life is always full. I have 6 kids. LOL! No, actually I have to wonder if I have like a crazy disease or something, if I wasn't writing, I'd be painting portraits or directing plays--which take a lot more out of me than writing! LOL! That's for sure. And as for the secret book... sheez, I'm not good with secrets so this has been KILLING me! LOL! I can't wait to share with you all!

  10. I NEED A VISIT!! You are going to come to AZ, right??!!! AAAHHHH, I need my Jenni fix!!

  11. You wear me out too thinking about all you do! Whew! can't wait to hear your book is in print!

  12. You are truly amazing and an inspiration. I've been working on the same book for too long and it's time to focus elsewhere for awhile.

  13. I am very excited for your Austen rewrites. I will buy all of them, and they will sit next to my real Austen books. And also next to that one book called Westways.

  14. Nikki--Ack! Arizona? LOL! Let me get over the jetlag travellin to Utah and back thingy--then we'll talk. It would be great to see you guys! I wish you were coming to the retreat.

    Terri--LOL! I honestly wasn't expecting this kind of response. And thanks, I can't wait either!

    Patti--Go, go, write in something else, it makes it all the more fun to come back and revise the first book later--with fresh eyes. You get to fall in love with it all over again!

    Jessie--Eeeh! Me too! I can't wait to get a publisher to pick them up. No one else has EVER rewritten all the Austens for teens in a series like this--and its soo cool to revisit old characters! Oh and have I ever told you how much you crack me up! LOL! glad you like your antique book!

  15. Could you please do more? I don't think you are busy enough. Why don't you make a few quilts, paint a few pictures, and write another book with me. :)

  16. Okay I feel like a loser after reading all you do and knowing all that I don't get done. LOL Don't worry I recover quickly. But I have to kinda chuckle as I read the comments about cyber BFF's because I talk about the authors of the blogs I read to people and I say " My friends does..." then I stop and think well can I really say my friend to I have to stipulate a person I know because I love their blog. I have decided that most people will be find with being my friend so You are definitely my friend even if you don't like it. :D

    In a side question... how do do the blogs that I love to read blogroll on the side. I want to put one up on seriously amberlynae to pass on my favorite blogs to those who stop by.

  17. Kasie--LOL! Whatever miss speed writer herself! LOL! You put me to shame! So when does your book go out?? I'm so excited for you!

    Amber--LOL! YES! I love your blog! That's it! I have another Cyber BFF! Wahooo! And erm, hang on... I know I found the option of the "blogs I love" from my layout. You just go to (I think) "add an option" and then click on BLOGROLL you can add as many http:'s as you like. Hope it helps!

  18. So you're over there now. Just as our computer went down and I couldn't see how you were doing. Good luck with all the house/school/moving stuff. And with tne books. You're intruiging me about this secret one!

  19. Does that mean your going to our oh so fine family reunion?

  20. Here are my books, if you’re interested. :)
    I’ll give you the link to the INCUNABULA label, but there are plenty more 16,17 and 18th century :) under the right labels.

    I also have the library pictures – over 6000 old books :) I think it is worth seeing…

  21. Okay, I might become a stalker to figure out how you've been able to write so much in such a short time! Congrats!!

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