Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've just received word of my series title contest. My publisher's have chosen--

The Beautiful Elizabeth Mueller!

For her series title:

The Austen Diaries
(Tell me that isn't crazy cute?)

Thank you to everyone who participated! Your entries rocked! Seriously! I was blown away...
So much so, I've had an idea. How would you like to have another chance to win the Most perfect chocolate ever known to man? I've got a bar of creamy, smooth GALAXY CHOCOLATE for whoever can help me with a theme for my launch party.

I want to have a KILLER launch party. So I need a totally AWESOME theme. And since you guys are absolutely amazing at titles--I thought I'd ask for some help. Whichever theme is chosen, will be what is used on the invites, advertising, posters, etc.... So what do you say? Think you can help me? I'm telling you, the chocolate is WORTH it!

So here's the deal... this is what I envision so far:
First, Valor Publishing has already hired a band, so there will be live music.
Second, since it's basically a Twilight/Jane Austen fangirl bash... I thought it would be fun to dress up. I'll have a TON of promotional stuff to giveaway... and I thought it would be fun to have entries for the prizes based on if people show up, dress up, bring their favorite Jane or Twilight book, bring a friend, or have a donation for the women's shelter (I'll be collecting cosmetics, toiletries, etc... for the local women's shelter, as well--just because it's my party and I can. ;p <--That and the fact, due to Claire traveling in Northanger Alibi, I'm giving away a TON of cosmetic bags, makeup, and travel sized bath stuff!)

So I was thinking something along the lines of maybe a Twilight Ball? Something like that--since most Twilight parties I've been to they dress up in prom dresses, or vampire dresses. And Jane Austen is always throwing a ball...

What do you think??? Can you help me with a theme for Northanger Alibi?

No, in case you were wondering... I never do anything small. *grins evilly*

This is the blurb, if you want to know what Northanger Alibi is about...

Seattle Washington, and the Russo family, are no match for Claire Hart and her savvy knowledge of all things vampire related. Thanks to her obsession with the Twilight series--if there is anyone who would know a vampire when she saw one, it's Claire. And she's positive totally hot Tony Russo is a vampire, she just has to prove it! Follow Claire's hilarious journey on her first summer adventure away from home, where she learns everything isn't what it seems, and in some instances, reality is way better than anything she'd ever find in a book.

I knew from the beginning that Northanger Abbey would be my biggest challenge to rewrite. Since it is the most unfamiliar/unread of all the Austen books. I love it! I think it is extremely funny and a complete satire of the gothic novels that were popular at the time. To modernize this, I needed to base my story off of massively popular modern gothic novels. Enter the Twilight Series.


  1. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! So a Twilight Ball, aye? Is there going to be dancing? Please say yes, please say yes!!! Sounds like fun! I will come in my most formal gown I have with an undead face and hair! Muahahahaha!
    Can't wait to hear more on your launch party! (Call it a launch ball!)

  2. possible themes:

    Victorian Vampires.
    Your color: Everything Dark red and Black (Do you know the color of your book cover yet?)

  3. Jenni, I'm in love with your blurb for Northanger Alibi! It sounds delicious and so, so fun.

    I love the ball idea. Why not a goth spin on Regency? Empire waistline dresses in dark colors and studded leather collars instead of a ribbon chokers. Goth makeup and updos. Your decor would be Neoclassical with deep, rich jewel tones instead of pastels.

  4. This sounds so fun. Only you with your endless energy and enthusiasm could pull this off!! How about a masked ball and you could have a catchy tag line like, your Edward or Jacob could be incognito at the Twilight Ball.

  5. Elizabeth!--Congratulations! And no, I have no idea what my book cover will look like yet. Sigh--patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue--i'm sure of it! LOL!

    Tristi--Eeeh! You would've loved the balls I hosted in england! They're so much fun!

    Laurel--Thank you! Ooh, Regency Ball... I like that...

    Candice--You rock! Seriously! And UM OKAY!!! So digging the masked ball thing! I've always wanted to throw a masked ball! Eeeh!

    What should the title be?? Is Twilight Ball good? Or Do you think I should add something Jane-y in there? IDEAS! I need IDEAS! LOL!

  6. You are one energy filled woman! I am so excited for you and amazed you are doing this through your pregnancy and all! Where are you holding your party at?

  7. Oooh, the ball sounds fantastic. And since we know how close we live to each other, I'll so be there!

  8. Sounds like it will be a great party. Wish I lived closer. Maybe a road trip is in order.

  9. Oooo, How about a theme like, "Everyone has a secret." I just think about how Tony was hiding a secret and Claire was sure it was that he's a vampire. Then at the party you could have secret prizes like taped under a chair or a special punch cup could have a prize number. You'll never know where a prize is waiting. It works for Twilight and for Jane Austen in a sense because she always explored character and their different depths and hidden agendas. (Am I reaching too much? LOL.) Well that's all I got for now.

  10. I am so excited for you! I don't have any great ideas but I'm still excited.

  11. Teri--Thanks! LOL! I do sleep a lot too!
    My launch is at the Barnes & Nobles in the indoor courtyard at the Gateway in Salt Lake City

    Elana--Wahoo! Awesome! I can't wait to meet you.

    Debbie--Awww! Thank you! I'm crazy happy right now!
    Patti--YES! Road trip! Come! I even have an extra bed--and I know other people who do too!

  12. Jenni--a masked ball, I like it. We just need to make sure that people don't pull a Halloween! When I was a Junior in high school we had a masked ball. I wore a mask and a Victorian gown--everyone else showed up as witches, fairies, vampires, ghosts--BLEH!!! :P

  13. I like Nikki's idea. Everybody has a secret sounds so cool and it does fit for both stories. I'm no good at names. I just like the idea of a masked ball. Jenni, your the name guru!!LOL!

  14. Great blurb, and the ball sounds like a blast!

    PS: Thanks for the writing conference advice. You say "front row"?? You are One. Fearless. Writer. (which I will try & be tomorrow, thinking of your advice!!)

  15. Blood and Busts

    Just how do you plan on going to a book launch party on your baby's due date anyway?

  16. I'm no good at names! You of all people (Miss Namer of my books) should know that. But I'm loving the Masquerade idea. I loved Nikki's idea. So how about: Twilight Masquerade subtitle: Everybody has a secret

    Or Masquerade at Twilight subtitle: We're you're alibi (or) Claim an alibi (or) You'll now have an alibi

    I don't know. I want to be at this party though. I'm trying to make it happen.