Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SHHH! Advertising Secrets!

So here are my TWO BIGGEST advertising secrets I've come across so far. They were such a big hit on my Momwriters yahoo group, that I thought I'd pass them on for you guys as well.

For business cards & postcards (personal book launch invites!):

Not kidding, super cute designs. Cheap! And doesn't come with that silly advertising some of the cheaper business cards have where their logo is on the back.

For professional full color (or B&W) Flyers & Bookmarks:

Amazing prices and awesome features like gloss coating on 100lb paper, if you go from 500-1,000 it's only about $5.00 more as well. Super cheap.

And those two secrets are actually 60-75% less expensive (including the shipping cost) than using any major store front printer/copier like Kinkos, etc.

Hehehe! Okay, so now you know... spread the word! And the love!