Monday, April 19, 2010

An Unexpected Giggle!

My 3 year old and I have had many, many giggling moments over the course of her young life. She's just so full of joy and eagerness to be here on earth, it's an amazement to watch her and interact with her. By far the EASIEST three year old I've had. I know, I know... she'll be a monstrous teen, right? Lol! Until then, I'm going to enjoy what I have!

Well, the other night just after our family prayer... I caught her up and asked if she was ready to say her bedtime prayer. With a few giggles and happy jumps, she quickly knelt on the floor in the family room next to me, closed her eyes and folded her arms.

My oldest, our 13 year old, was just about to leave the room until he heard her proclaim loudly, "See mommy! See? I's very good and cosing my eyes and arms and everyding!" Then he gave me a quick grin, folded his arms too and plopped down on the couch to listen, as I helped her with her prayers.

With her eyes closed tight and arms folded perfectly, it went something like this:

Me: Dear Heavenly Father,
3 yr old: Dear Hebbenly Faw-der,

Me: Thank you for this beautiful day.
3 yr old: Tank you for dis boo-tee-full day.

And on we went until we came to this part...

Me: Thank you for my blessings.
3 yr old: Tank you for Mom's bwessings.

Huh? My oldest son began to snort--then giggle. Our wide eyes met briefly over my daughter's red curls. I decided to try again.

Me: No, honey. Thank you for MY blessings.
3 yr old: O-tay. Tank you for MOM'S bwessings!

My son laughed right out loud and I began to giggle. What in the world? She's always copied exactly what I've said before. Trying again...

Me: Thank you for my toys.
3 yr old: Tank you for Mom's toys.

He lost it. He could hardly breathe.

My daughter peeked out of one eye--
3 yr old: Cuse me, sir. But I is sayin pray-er. You need to leave if you be bad.
Me: This is true, son (I said between giggles) you'll need to leave if you keep laughing.

My son grinned some more and quickly folded is arms again and bowed his head. We continued on with the prayer. This time I got smart--

Me: Thank you for your toys.
3 yr old: Tank you for my toys.

Whew! Disaster avoided! Lol! But my son still kept randomly snorting throughout...which only made me giggle more... bad, bad, kid... I tell you! LOL!


  1. OMG ! this is funny . haha . lols .

  2. That's a great story, almost makes me miss having young kids around.

  3. I can totally see this. I have a thirteen yr. old boy and a three yr. old daughter. Hmmm, why is it the three year old is usually the one "setting the example"?

    Thanks for making me smile!

  4. Oh that's a hoot! Thanks for sharing. That'll keep me smiling for at least an hour! hehe!

  5. What a fun story! I love it. I could totally picture the whole thing - so cute, Jenni.

    P.S. Congrats on your QVC news!! That is some major awesome!!! :-)

  6. Eee thanks for this post made me smile :) she sounds like a really sweetie!! All the best :D

  7. Aw, sooo cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. That's funny! Kids are great. And 13 year olds are too. :)

  9. That is hilarious. You gotta love the 3 year old stage. They are funny little ones.

  10. How lovely! Hang that blog post on the fridge, quote it in a church talk, it's one for the record. :)

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  14. Little ones are just so sweet!

    Funniest thing I never thought I'd say: "We do not turn somersaults during prayer!"