Friday, May 6, 2011

Vacation Adventures

Just so you know...
If you decide to take the whole family to Southern Utah to stay in a cabin for a week.  Not ALL of Southern Utah is Sunshiny and desert like this:

If fact that cabin you rented may be just 20 minutes north of there and covered in 4 feet of this!

Though while it makes amazing views and ultra fun snow tubing hills...
Your vehicle will more than likely look like this:

Because the weather is Springy and 60ish.  Great for being outside, not so great when 4 feet of snow melts.

Yep. That was the road in front of the cabin.  The nice firemen who took these pics, also towed us.  Lol!  They say Southern Utah has five seasons: And we came just in time for the 5th one: Mud Season.

Our new minivan will now be traded in for a slightly older 4x4 vehicle.
The James Gang gives up!

PS Though we definitely had a blast! :)


  1. Omigosh, Jenni, that mud pic made me smile. Thank goodness for firemen and towing ropes! I recently got stuck in mud while towing a horse trailer. In trying to get out of it, I almost drove the trailer into a ditch.

    The stories we can tell our kids. :-)

  2. Holy cow! A Horse TRAILER! Man, I can't imagine how that must have been. It took us 2 hours to get the van the way you saw the pics. Me and my oldest son were covered in mud too.. some places it was up to our thighs.

    Yeah, the firemen stumbled into us. They couldn't go around so they called for help and got us out! yay! *grins* It was a crazy adventure though... and we were laughing the whole time! Lol!


  3. That is CRAZY!!
    My husband and I went up to Fish Lakes for Memorial Day weekend one year and there was snow everywhere and we totally got stuck.

    Also - I have not forgotten that i wanted to do an interview of you and your co-author on my blog. I'll send questions to you in the next few days? Is that cool?

  4. LOL I love the way you told this 'story' with photos. It did make me laugh although I bet you weren't laughing at the time!! If I ever visit Southern Utah.... I'll be sure to make sure it's not mud season first!!
    Thanks for the giggle
    Best wishes
    Suzy Turner

  5. @Jolene! Yes, that'd be wonderful! AJ and I have been so busy with our other books, we'd love all the help we can get with this one! You're an angel! :)

    @Suzy Hehehe! Oh, no, I was DEFINITELY laughing. Especially trying to use the shovel to dig us out. I was practically useless I was laughing so hard. I erm, tend to laugh a lot. But something like this is too good not to! :)

  6. Oh, wow! What an adventure. And it looks like more a frustrating one than a fun one.

    Hope you and yours are well, Jenni!

  7. LOok tons of fun... It seems wonderful adventure.. Thanks for blogging..