Sunday, February 7, 2010

Northanger Alibi--1st GIVEAWAY X 2!!

Due to high demand, Northanger Alibi has gone on Pre-Order almost two months earlier than when it was scheduled to. I know, right? Like, holy cow! Anyway, Valor Publishing is trying to gauge how many books will need to be released on June 1st by tallying up pre-orders.

So why should you pre-order Northanger Alibi, instead of waiting until June 1st like everyone else?

Well, two reasons:

1. Valor Publishing has guaranteed anyone who pre-orders Northanger Alibi will receive it on their doorstep a whole week earlier (May 25th) than the stores will (June 1st)!!
2. I will be signing ALL pre-ordered books!!!

Tell me that isn't the coolest incentives ever!!!
So, in celebration of such High Demand AWESOMENESS, I have decided to have my very first "official giveaway" for Northanger Alibi. Remember that post with all those amazing prizes? Well, today is the day the fun begins!!! WAHOOO!!!

There will be two winners, each receiving the same thing...
Check out the prizes! The winners will get their very own set of cool eyeshadow pots (w/mascara), two uber cute makeup bags, stripey socks to pamper your toes and curl up in, a fun cupcake celebration cup--to mark the upcoming birthday of my new book, and of course CHOCOLATE!!!

All of it will be packaged up nicely and shipped to your door.

These are such awesome prizes, there are a few rules involved. Here we go:

1. Pre-Order Northanger Alibi=3 entries

2. Leave a comment/Follow the blog=1 entry each

3. Advertise my Pre-Order Giveaway with links to my blog on your Facebook, your Twitter, your Blog=2 entries each spot of advertising you do for me.

4. Text/Email/Smoke Signal all your friends who love Jane Austen/Twilight=2 entries

5. Tell all random strangers, small children and old men about my awesome pre-order giveaway=1 entry just for being brave.

6. FOR Every person who found this giveaway because of your awesome advertising--both you and your guest get an extra entry. So make sure they mention your name.

7. IF YOU DO ANY OF THE ABOVE, PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE--While my Psychic powers are phenomenal... I'm er, not that talented.

(DON'T forget to mention that everyone will receive their AUTOGRAPHED copy a week earlier than the release date! --I even have a heart in my signature, so you know it's special. LOL!)
For those of you who want to pre-order, read reviews, or the blurb CLICK HERE! If you want to read a couple of sneak peek chapters first CLICK HERE!

***Valor is taking overseas pre-orders as well with a $15 shipping charge (but when you're talking the Euro/Pound over the Dollar that's cheap!)***
I would like to say a HUGE Thank you to you all!!!
Without your help spreading the word about my giveaways and Northanger Alibi, I'd be lost. As an author I can only reach so many people, and whether you buy the book or not doesn't matter--what matters is how many people know about it. Getting the buzz out makes all the difference on whether a book succeeds in the publishing world. So thank you! Thank you for coming to my blog and reading and connecting with me. I've enjoyed so much the love you've shown me, especially as you've followed my journey to publication. You guys rock!!!


  1. Way to go Jenni! I'll share the news!

  2. I just spoke to a little old man. Come on now, do as I'm doing! :)

  3. Holly--Thanks! You rock! let me know where and how you're advertising so I can get the right ammount of entries for you!

    Tristi--LOLOL! Alright, there ya go! One entry for bravery. LOL!

  4. I can't wait to order/spread the word. I am so excited about this book! Summer is way to far away! :D

  5. Yay Nisa! I'm excited too! We should celebrate!


  6. I pre-ordered and I'm going to post it on my blog and facebook and I'm leaving you a comment here! Soooo I think I get at least 8 entries??? LOL! I'm so excited for you!

  7. Congratulations Jenni! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. I enjoy hearing the successes of fellow writers!

    I'm reading further learn more about your book.

    God bless!

  8. Awesome, Jenni! I'm spreadin' the word around. Church, home school group, library... my usual haunts ;p Oh yeah, and Facebook, too.

  9. Super Congrats on the baby girl and the book. Great year for you and your family!

    Hope you'll join me for how "Cupid Shot Me" day at my bog :O)

  10. I'll definitely be pre-ordering, but don't worry about putting me in the pot for the give away. Already know I'm a fan. Love you, girl. That's so exciting that demand is high.

  11. Congratulations, Jenni! I am so very excited for you! Can't wait to see you Wednesday eve! :)

  12. I blogged and facebooked (that really should be a verb). And, apparently, I'm in too big of a hurry because I just read my last entry and oh for the love of typo...

    BUT don't enter me in the contest because I have no idea how to wear make-up. lol! I know. That's really sad. :)

  13. Very cool! :) Good luck with everything!

  14. I'm a new follower!! +1

    I found you through Nisa at Wordplay, Swordplay: The Magic of Writing +1

    I PRE-ORDERED TWO copies!!! (Because, if it's alright with you, I'd like to do a giveaway on my blog when the second copy arrives!) +3

    I'm twittering this as soon as I post the comment (@saramcclung) +2

    I'm blogging this on Wednesday!! (It's also going up in my contest section) +2

    What a freaking AWESOME contest!

  15. How fantastic. I pre-ordered a copy, and am retweeting this on Twitter! Cool, looking forward to the book.

  16. Regina--WAHOOO! 9 entries! you're following me too!

    Tamika--Thank you! It's been one amazing journey, that's for sure!

    Shanti--You ROCK!!! I've seen your facebook posts and THANK YOU!!! Deifinitely adding up your points!!

    Diane--Yes! It has been an awesome year! And thanks for inviting me! I'm so excited to join in on the cupid post!

  17. Lois--Thank you! but I'm sure you have a teenager or something who'd love the makeup...

    Elizabeth--YES! I'm so excited to meet you too! We're going to have a blast--oh, and thank you!!

    Nisa--Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I'm sure you'd know someone who'd love the prizes, right?

    Elana--Thanks! I'm just so excited!!!

  18. Sara--Egad Batman! You rock! Seriously! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and you most definitely can use one book as a giveaway on your blog, how fun!

    Liza--Thank you! I'm tallying up your points now! you rock!


  19. Love this, Jenni. What a sweet giveaway!

  20. Well... I already forwarded your email to my sister (who has placed an order from Australia - she didn't see any info about shipping costs though!!! I shall have to tell her the bad news! - I think $15 shipping is very steep, the news about the book being signed will soften the blow - that's great!), and to a sister-in-law. They both have teenage daughters.

  21. Whoohoo! Having a copy with your signature is awesome. I'm pre-ordering now and you can look for a link to this on my blog later today! I'm also going to be telling the teen girls who I mentor...they love Twilight and I've been trying to get them to read Jane Austen for a while. Perfect! Congrats on all this!!!

  22. Terresa--Thank you! I'm just so super excited!

    Kathi--You rock! I love your sister! And I know, welcome to the land of expensive shipping, something mark had to realize once we moved back to the US. We really have to pay a lot to ship over here. I was actually surprised at $15, because that is almost exactly what it costs to ship a book to the UK, I Know! LOL! Thanks for passing on the news!

    Kelly--YAY! You rock!!! Yes, teen girls!!! I've already had three teen girls who pre-read this book, turn around and checkout Northanger Abbey from their local library the next day! It makes me sooo happy!

  23. I pre ordered your book:) I will post the contest on my website.

  24. im like the biggest fan of twilight lol...thanks soo much
    ..great blog by the way.. :)
    thanks again

  25. Congrats on the new family addition--a baby girl! How lovely! And of course congrats on the successful launch of your new book.

    Off-topic: love this blog background; it reminds me of spring and picnics :)

  26. Yay! Awesome! I found you through Sara McClung - the book sounds wonderful!

    I have posted a link to the giveaway & a pre-order link on my sidebar +2
    comment +1
    have not yet preordered but headed there now!
    Texted my Twilight/Romance loving sister & mother about this! +2

    Congratulations by the way! I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Awesome contest!

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  27. This is so great Jenni!! Really, really exciting!
    I am about to place an Australian pre-order! Cant wait to read it all the very best xxox

  28. I just heard about this book and it sounds fabulous! I've just recently been falling in love with Jane Austen type books so this sounds right up my ally. Cool!

  29. Jenni
    We're excited about the book! I mentioned it on my facebook, but before I pass on the link to pre-order a copy... I thought I'd check that your publishers have put in the postage cost to Oz! Hate to rip you off! $15 isn't too bad - you get used to paying for Deseret Book and Amazon. It will cost me 15 POUNDS (pound icon is now a hash WHY?) to order clothes from M&S!!!

  30. I've heard this book is great, so I preordered, followed, commented, Facebooked, Tweeted, and Blogged (

    Can't wait to read it!

    I'll tell random strangers as soon as I can leave the house--10 inches of snow in Texas, and we can't handle it!

    Good luck on the book.


  31. Christine--Thank you for pre-ordering! You rock! I hope you enjoy it!

    Victoria--Wahoo! I've always wondered who the biggest twilight fan was! LOL! Then you'll definitely LOVE Claire! Thanks for stopping by...

    Jewel--Thank you!!! You rock!

    Edjane--Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you! And I LOVE this blog too!!!

  32. Southern Princess--THANK YOU!!!! You are sooo awesome! I hope you enjoy the book!!!

    Rebecca--You're wonderful!!!! I know you're going to love this one! It's the best!

    Debbie--Eeeh! Welcome! And yes! You will LOVE it! If you love jane, you'll love this!

    Ruthie--We've already had a few australian orders... don't worry about it! My publisher is serious about $15 for shipping. Only if it's more than two books, then you need to email them for corrected shipping.

    Lynn--THANK YOU!!! It's so nice to see another fellow Valor Girl!!!! Wahoo!


  33. Oooo, uber exciting, Jenni James! Like St. Valentine's and Mardi Gras all rolled up together!

  34. Yay!! Thank you for permission :-) I will let you know when I post the contest... I might try to have it the week before I'm scheduled to get the books so I can overnight it and let the winner of the contest have it ahead of everyone else too!

  35. Oh good, I love this sort of thing. I hope I'm not too late.
    I follow the blog and here's my happy comment. :)
    I just emailed two dozen of my book loving friends.
    I just tweeted, facebooked and blogged this giveaway (on my personal blog and on my author blog)!
    I'm crossing my fingers. :)

  36. Hey I just read the sneak peek. It's great! My girls are going to enjoy this one. :)

  37. im so stoked to read this again! i SO want the book for my 16th bday!
    Love Elyse!

  38. How fun and exciting!! I'm a follower and I'll work on some more. Congrats, big time!