Sunday, April 3, 2011

AJ Cole, Coauthor & Partner in Crime

Ahem. Hello? Testing… Testing… One, two, three…

I would like you all to move in a bit closer, because today is an uh-MAY-zing day! Why is it so amazing you ask? Well, I'm gonna introduce you to my incredible British coauthor and partner in crime AJ Cole--brilliant writer, father, cook, martial arts specialist and walking thesaurus (every writer girl needs one of these, trust me!) Not to mention he's got an accent. ;)

Come on in AJ, to the crazy blog formally known as Jenni James and go ahead, pull up a seat, grab some popcorn. We're gonna be here a bit. So, do you have your questions for me? I have mine for you… and they're good. hehehe!

AJ: Yep. Thanks for having me. Bring it on, lady.

JJ: Good! Me first--

1. Breakfast, everyone is dying to know, what do the English eat in the morning? It is really crumpets and tea?

AJ: Lol! Breakfast: porridge and honey with strong coffee. That'll be strange to our US pals, since I understand that where you're from there are only two types of breakfast - cardboard chunks (no calories) with water, syrup and cayenne pepper; or half a dozen fully loaded burgers with fries and a couple of litres of coca cola! ;)

My question for you is--

1. If you could choose 1 superpower for yourself, what would it be and why?

JJ: Mind control.. So then I could make everyone go out and buy our book and LOVE it!!! Muhahaha! Oh, Ahem. You meant... Right. Well, I have a lot of flying dreams... so i think that would be really cool, actually. Then I'd never be late! :)

Okay, okay… next question--

2. Superman, Spiderman or Batman? And why...? (i'm a batman girl myself. *grins* Always ALWAYS have been-no joke. Lol!)

AJ: Batman every time for me; he's edgy and has inner darkness that the other two don't.

2. Just how many children are you planning on having before you stop?!

JJ: Oh dear... But see? I just LOVE the little monsters. Really I do. It's scary I know. Well, let me think about it... 8 maybe 9 more... How many do you need these days to get your own TV show? ;)

3. Speaking of children, tell us about your family then... If you could take your kids anywhere in the world where would you take them?

AJ: Mrs C is a former ballerina and CSI and now a ballet teacher, originally from Scotland. I understand about 25% of what she says, which is the secret to our 8 years and 2 children together! The Zeds (Zac(hary) and Zara) are 4 and 3yrs old respectively; they both have masses of blond curls and exuberant outlooks. If I could take them anywhere in the world then it would probably be Disneyworld, Florida since they love all things Disney - next month we're taking them to Eurodisney.

Okay next--

3. What message(s) do you want to get across to the readers of your books?

JJ: That Jenni James it the greatest writer ever and all should read her books and buy her popcorn and lemons (what? I love popcorn and lemons, don't you?)... <--oh, oops. I forgot I wasn't going the mind control route. Lol! No, actually, I really want the good guys to win. Not just the cool good guys, but your average people too. I want to write books that when the reader closes it, they think about the characters and smile and giggle about them throughout their day. Something to ponder enough to wonder if sweet, feisty, wonderful heroes and heroines really do exist. I love reading a book that makes me giddy--if I can do that to my readers, then I've accomplished something. :)

4: So, If you could do anything to change the world, what would it be?

AJ: I don't try to change the world, since diversity and differences make it a much more interesting place. However, if I could then I'd wave a magic wand and make everybody much more tolerant of each others differences - it would stop a lot of the violence that threatens us all each day.

My small nod towards changing things for the better, is that I'm intending to become successful enough to start up a foundation that helps children who are undergoing difficulties of various kinds to express themselves and deal with their issues through creative writing. Writing has been a hugely important outlet for me, and I firmly believe that it can be a positive way of channelling negative emotions.

4. Okay, If you could eat only one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would be on that plate?

JJ: Well, it'd have to be something healthy so I'd live longer... and it'd need to have a variety as well. I have to have variety--hmm... A-ha! (Cue imitation of AJ's accent) By Jove, I've got it! Salad. Yummy, nummy, salad. I loveth salad. So set me up with a forever freshly stocked salad bar and I'd die a happy girl. :)

5. What's it like working everyday with a mormon? *grins*

AJ: Jenni's a mormon? Right, that's it, I'm leaving! Lol! Seriously though, it's generally not even relevant to what we're doing; although it can be frustrating when I'm working on promoting some of my other books, since the LDS community apparently wouldn't read them. See the answer to that previous question again though! :)

5. Sum up your co-author in 5 words.

JJ: Only five? Lol! Okay, okay… I'll try. How's this? Caring, Hilarious, Stubborn, Brilliant, Exuberant

Whew! We made it without arguing. I think it's a record, really! Lol! *grins*

So this is the man behind Eternity everyone. Thank you so much for comin by AJ.

If you wanna know more about our Epic Romance Eternity, you're welcome to click here and read an excerpt. It's good, but don't take our word for it! See for yourself. :D


  1. Hi! Great to get to know you better, Drew! Jennie, great interview. :)

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth--

    It was fun to ask each other questions. Lol! And then put them altogether.

  3. Great interview, you two! I always love to learn more about authors!

  4. :D This was a hilarious interview....great questions Jenni. Yes, I agree everyone should go and buy a copy of Eternity! I can see where certain angels get their quirks and humour.

  5. Best of luck to both of you, and welcome to the blogging community AJ.

  6. Thank you guys! For any of you who haven't met her before, it's definitely worth checking out Kim Koning (who commented above) too - she's a talented wordsmith and all round nice lady.

    AJ :)

  7. Thanks for posting..Great interview..