Tuesday, April 19, 2011



I've just returned from a 10 day wilderness adventure. My wonderful hubby and I rented a cabin down in Southern Utah. I know, I know... we're an adventurous sort. We must be--if you count the fully loaded Toyota Mini Van, 7 kids, 2 mountain bikes, and an assortment of clothing from snow boots and mittens to shorts and t-shirts.

Not only did we get introduced to Southern Utah's 5th season: Mud (no joke), we also got to zoom down snow covered mountains on tubes in 60 degree weather, as well as traipse along the desert in nearby canyons.

For the next few days I'll post our family's adventures and let you see just what a family of nine does when they've got a week and a cabin all to themselves.


(psst. Click on the picture to see it better. )