Saturday, December 31, 2016


So first off.  Happy New Year!! I hope 2017 finds you happy and well, and may your new year be full of fun surprises.

For Christmas this year, my amazingly hunky hubby created a brand new website for me.  We had someone else working on it--and hoped to have it out by the summer--when that didn't work, my hubby went to work.

Are you ready?  It's like--WOW!  I'm not kidding.  I was so blown away.  And I finally have a place that has ALL MY BOOKS.  And they're all nice and organized too.  He's just awesome.

Drum roll please...

Did you see what he did there?  I have a new website and everything.  THE JENNI JAMES.  Haha.

Which also means I've finally got my fanmail up and running again.

(If you'd like to say hello and drop a line-- email me: or snail mail. I love that too! --Mailing address is on the homepage of my new sparkly website!)

So while all of this has been in the works--we were debating muchly about this blog.  In the end, I've decided to keep it.  And continue to use it as another landing spot.  But, if you really, really want to know what's going on with me, check out, because that's where stuff will be revealed first.  Or my newsletter.  Have you signed up for my newsletter?  Click here. Do this thing. Greatness will happen.


Did you know I went to the Kingdom of Tonga (think Disney's Muana!) in September and did school visits, and teacher training classes, and writing classes..? It was so much fun.  And I'm going back. I have to. I still have a ton more schools to visit over there.  And the snorkeling!  I've never, ever snorkeled in such a magical place before!  Stunning.  (Pics and post to come!)


I've been busy this year!  Here are the NEW 2016 PUBLISHED books I haven't told you about.  They are also wonderful and fun and you have to read them.  Have to.  Have I mentioned yet how excited I am to have an online presence again?  Okay. I digress.  I'll just stick these new covers right here... ahem. Aren't they gorgeous?  Click on any picture and it'll take you straight to amazon.

 Captain Hook

 Sleeping Beauty


Other books coming out in 2017?

Beauty IS the Beast (Modern Fairy Tales)
The Revitalizing Jane Series, 2017 is the #YearofJane
More Regency Romance
Princess and the Pea (from The Faerie Tale Collection)
*grins*  Really, go check out the website... I think you'll be surprised. 


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